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    JNS provides the staff with competitive salaries in the industry and adjusts the salaries for the employees with excellent performance periodically in every year, and sets year-end bonus according to the responsibility system of annual economic target.


    Happy and Healthy Life
    JNS hopes that every employee is health and vigorous. Therefore, the Company provides the staff with various welfare plans, so as to realize the work-life balance, including annual examination, company clinic for free medical care, annual nursing holiday and funds, housing subsidies, dietary subsidies, subsidies for night shift, high temperature subsidies, festival consolation money, housing funds, interest-free loan for buying a house, and car allowance for the middle level managers etc. The Company also sets the places for sports, games and entertainment, and the library within the staff dormitory area, and holds all kinds of recreational activities here duly.

    Staff Benefit Plan
    JNS provides the staff with perfect benefit plan, including buying social insurance for the staff (endowment insurance, medial care insurance, employment injury insurance, unemployment insurance, and maternity insurance), and buys the accidental business insurance for some employees; and buys commercial medical insurance for the managers above middle level and their family members.

    Employee protection plan
    JNS provides perfect safeguard for staffs, including social insurance set by government (endowment insurance, hospitalization insurance, working injury insurance, unemployment insurance, procreator insurance), and bought suddenness business insurance for some staffs, otherwise, take on welfare character of business hospitalization insurance has bought for managers above middle leader.

    Paid Leave Plan for Employees
    JNS gives the employees who have worked for the Company for one year 7~10 days of paid leave, and sets a home leave system for the migrant employees, in addition to the legal holiday, wedding leave, and maternity leave etc.