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  • About JNS
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    Established in early 2005 and located in Silver Lake, Xinhui District, Jiangmen City, Guangdong Province, China. JNS two shipyards cover an area of 720000m2 , 1000m coastline, with modern shipbuilding facilities.

            JNS, won the Shipbuilding and Construction Award at Lloyd's List GLOBAL 2009 AWARDS, awarded the National High-tech Enterprise,
    in line with released "Shipbuilding industry Model" Standard,awarded and approved to be "Postdoctoral Innovation & Practice Base"officially in Guangdong, and Top 500 Manufacturing Enterprises of Guangdong. years adheres to the enterprise philosophy PROFESSIONALISM MAKES PERFECT, focuses on under 100000DWT bulk carriers manufacturing.
    JNS, long haul to attach great importance to scientific research and technological innovation, obtained Guangdong enterprise technology center, Guangdong engineering technology research center, Guangdong innovative enterprises and Jiangmen engineering technology R&D center. Up to now, JNS were awarded 195 utility model patents and 25 patents for invention.
    Built by JNS, vessels are known as JNS VESSEL on the world market. development of B type 39000DWT green bulk carrier, grows green energy-saving be awarded the Lloyd’s Register first EP certificate, which stays the advanced position on international as mode isn’t merely about how environment friendly and fuel economy is popular by ship-owners, more over it’s about 20% daily fuel saving than contemporary adaptation. Became Guangdong province high-tech product in 2016, as flagship for JNS.
    JNS, ship-owners the world over - including Asia, Europe, Africa and the Americas. Since 2013, in cooperation with Japan ship-owners launched business moving onward is clear to see.