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Goderich Quilter's Guild
Cutting Edge Newsletter
Next meeting is Monday, June 10th, 12 pm. 

Can't believe we are at the end of May. Seems it was only yesterday we started May. We have enjoyed being your presidents' for the last 2 years. Thank you for your patience with us as we discovered how to best work as joint presidents. We hope everyone has a good summer and will come back in September refreshed and eager to learn something new.

We wish Nancy god wishes as she takes over as President for 2019-2021.
Barb and Monica.

Addendum from the Membership: Monica and Barb-you did a superb job guiding us through the past two years making sure that everything ran smoothly. We also want to thank each and every one of the executives who are stepping down this year for your generous commitment to our Guild and thank you to the executive that is will  to carry on for another two years. We need you!!

Afternoon Program - 12pm: A potluck luncheon was decided upon as "the way to go" to celebrate the end of a great Guild year - a chance to visit and enjoy each other's company. Along with talented sewers, our guild also has some wonderful cooks, therefore, no doubt, it will be a tasty meal.

You will need to bring napkins, plates, utensils, cups and a serving utensil, if it is required to serve up your addition to the meal. Coffee and tea will be provided. We will be eating first before the meeting. Be sure to join us with your appetites intact ready to be nourished.

Morning Workshop 9 am: As we come to a close of this year, I hope I have managed to entertain most people's requests for guests and workshops. I look forward to next year finding new guests and old, but also would love and welcome more suggestions from the membership regarding who you would like to meet, to be entertained by and to learn from. I have enjoyed my first year and hope you also enjoyed it.

Last month's workshop was a lot of fun but we failed to finish our collage. This month, we hop to complete our project and not end up with another UFO. Be sure to join us the complete this project and if anyone wishes to observe, please do.....you are welcome.

September starts us off with Judith Elder McCartney as the afternoon speaker along with her trunk show. Workshop to be announced. In October, we have Trina O'Rourke from Seaforth doing a wool applique' workshop in the morning and is also our guest speaker in the afternoon. Sign up is necessary. More on this to come, ie cost and list etc.

Notes from the May 13th meeting:

After Monica Mason welcomed everyone, she informed the membership of the decisions made at the Executive Meeting this morning.

-Discussion took place regarding the number of members on the executive. According to our constitution, some of the positions are defined as convenors so therefore in the new year, the executive will look at this and pair down the number of members required to attend meetings.

-Decision was made regarding the making of care quilts and this decision was to encourage members to cut and sew a care quilt on their own or work in teams so that all blocks would be consistent, this eliminating many orphan blocks.

the Executive passed a motion that in June of each year, the Guild will reimburse those who submit an expense claim for the thread they used to quilt Guild care quilts throughout the year. There are several of you who quilt other people's quilts as well as your own, and this is an added expense to you. All any member needs to do is to present our Treasurer with a slip of paper with their name and the amount they wish to be reimbursed - no store receipts are necessary.

Plan Ahead! Our summer break is almost upon us so if you have committed to making a Habitat quilt or have planned to make a Care Quilt over the summer, please figure out how much  backing and batting you need before we break. There will be backing available at the June meeting and if you call one of the embers listed below no later than Monday, June 3rd, the bating will be brought to the June 10th meeting.
Marian Lane 519-524-6612    Diane Sutton 519-524-9376
Marg Fouts   519-565-4241    Pat Hook       519-524-4684

Membership: There were 36 members at today's meeting and 1 guest.

Treasurer's Report: Anne Elliot had emailed the report to the membership prior to the meeting and it was accepted as read.

Door Prizes & 50/50 Draw: Marian Lane was the lucky winner of the door prize today and Marie Jefferson went home with the "Cash" fro the 50/50 draw.

Afternoon Trunk Show-Claudia Schumm. "Quilting By Design" and "Fabric Please":
This was a wonderful trunk show with Claudia adding amusing comments about several of her quilted pieces providing a light-hearted show. She informed the membership that she works in a quilt shop with the mother in New Hamburg and also operates an online fabric store called "Fabric, Please". She was introduced to sewing by her mother at the early ago of 4 or 5. Therefore, Claudia had many of stories to relay about her experiences with sewing and quilting with her Mother and Grandmother.

Memorial Quilt: Taken from Claudia Schumm's Blog- The Messy Quilter, July/2016 "So it's been a bit since I posted anything. I was making a step by step rag quilt tutorial but that got interrupted when my aunt passed away suddenly. This hit my family extremely hard because we were very close with her and she was only 39. Now we had to prepare for many visitations and the funeral. My grandpa was very concerned that she would get cold in the long winter months so my mom and I made her a quilt to keep her warm.

The quilt was made in her favourite colour purple and it had seven hearts on it. The middle heart represented my aunt, and each heart around it represented a part of her family. One heart for each of the following; her parents, her parents-in law, one for each of her three sibling and their families, and one for her husband and beautiful kids.

The quilt was made to put over top of the casket at the visitations and funeral, and before she was buried it was put in the casket with her. We made a label to put on it to remind her that she is "wrapped in our family's love forever"

Now our original plan was to make 25 hearts to represent every single person in it family but we made one and decided that we wouldn't finish it in time if we did that so we redid the design to help us with the timeframe. We had cut enough squares for 25 hearts though so now we are making a wall hanging for each of the surrounding heart groups in a memorial to my aunt and pillows for each of her kids.

Library: For the benefit of the new members, Liz Wulf went over the rules associated with using the library, i.e. borrowing books, rulers, etc. She also recommended a book that she had bought for herself called You & Your Sewing Machine by Bernie Tobisch. This is a great book for anyone who is interested in the workings of a sewing machine and what to do when something goes wrong such as tensions, etc. and routine maintenance. Liz also requested that any books, unless you have plans for summer quilting, be returned at the June meeting.

Morning Workshop: There were 16 members who took advantage of this morning collage workshop. Claudia Schumm, instructor, was able to give us a lot of tips on how to achieve a picture with this method. Unfortunately, participants were unable to complete this project in the time allowed, but Janet suggested that anyone who wanted to finish their picture could do so at the June morning workshop.

Raffle Quilt: Monica Mason reported on how the sale of the quilt raffle tickets are going. She feels so enthusiastic about the positive response from the public. She was approached again as to whether or not or guild would be wiling to donate another quilt for the next year's fund raiser. The theme for 2020 is "Lakes & Rivers" Monica asked the membership as the whether or not this was feasible. More to come on this.

Show & Tell: We had another wonderful show & tell segment this afternoon. Eleanor Smith wowed members with a crazy quilt that was at least 125 years old -  her great grandma's (if I remember correctly). This segment of the meeting never ceases to amaze me.

Habitat for Humanity: The membership was informed about the home under construction for the Habitat for Humanity in Clinton. This family consists of a single Mom with four children. This means three single bed quilts, plus a double and a baby quilt. Volunteered members will be working on three of these and Bayfield Guild has volunteered to provide the remaining quilt and baby quilt.
At the moment, the deadline for these to be completed is the Fall of 2019, although this could change.