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Next meeting is October 2nd, 2017 1:30 PM


We‘ve been busy sewing for the Quilt Show & Sale and are finding it hard to write a long message, so short and sweet it is:   “Sew like crazy but do take time to have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family and friends!”
Monica and Barb.

Afternoon Speaker & Trunk Show: Michelle Dunn, Kallisti Quilts – providing a diverse collection of imported fabrics for quilt makers of Ontario and beyond. She specializes in Japanese and African cotton fabrics, including handmade batiks. Her trunk show consists of quilts that highlight these wonderful imported fabrics.

Morning Workshop:  No specific workshop scheduled for this morning. Do come and enjoy each other's company and encouragement while creating items to sell to raise money to continue our care quilts program. It's always more fun together!

Notes from the Sept. 11, 2017 Meeting: 

Barb Hainsworth opened the meeting with a cheery welcome to all our members, plus the returning members. She then thanked the former executive for the wonderful job they had done over the past two years. 

The past president, Marian Lane, expressed her thanks for the set of quilt blocks she was given as a gift by the membership, and was disappointed to have to report that she hadn’t achieved her goal of having a top to show today. But this will be done in the very near future, so stay tuned! 

Attendance: For our first day back after a ‘quick’ summer break, 31 members attended today. Along with them, 3 former members returned to join our group, Barb Rahn, Louise Lever, and Linda Aitken. Great to see all of you!

Treasurer’s Report: Anne Elliott circulated a copy of the new budget for the year 2017-18 for the membership to peruse. Discussion occurred and then a vote was taken and the budget was passed.

AM Workshop: Christmas placemats were the focus of this morning's workshop. The Christmas fabric was supplied by a friend of Monica Mason's and the pattern was provided by Monica. Twelve participants took part and the outcome will provide placemats for the the quilt sale or Meals on Wheels. Monica will see that a  note of thanks for the donated fabric gets sent to her friend.

Program: Betty Thomasson informed the membership of the possible speakers, trunk shows and workshops that she has been working on for the upcoming guild year (I say possible because as you know, things can change). It is an impressionable lineup of entertainment! Looking forward to the coming year.

A sign found in the front yard of a funeral home:

“Drive Carefully – We’ll wait”

Care Quilt Block
Marlene Mooy informed members that she will not be giving out a block for the care quilts until November. This is due to the upcoming commitments of the Quilt Show & Sale.

Outreach: Carol Egener stressed the need for baby quilts/blankets. She assured the membership that there is a lot of batting for their use and all that is needed is to ask. Bev VanNinhuys reported that she was given a box of quilt blocks from the CQA Big Bee event in June. Before she offered eight packages (twelve 12” blocks per package) to members who were willing to complete them, Bev revealed four finished quilts sewn by herself and Joan Merner for the Bayfield Guild. When members complete the packages of quilt blocks, they will be given to our outreach program as care quilts.

Habitat for Humanity: A question from members as to the status and whereabouts the five quilts for the family of the Habitat House was answered. One is complete, Anne Wickie has one to put the binding on, Judy MacMillan has two to be machine quilted and the quilt for the parents is in Carol Reed’s hands to be machine quilted – thus five in total. I would certainly say that we were in good standing with this project.

B.O.M.: Judy MacMillan explained how the block of the month was going to work this year. Instead of it being a B.O.M., it would be a Q.O.M. (quilt of the month). She will show a finished full-size scrappy quilt each month and the pattern for this quilt will be offered to anyone who wants it. This is to help members who have a stock pile of scraps that must be used (too expensive to waste).These quilt patterns offer an incentive to look at all those scraps in our quilt room in a different light, and show that even the smallest of scrap can become a beautiful quilt. The Sept. quilt was a spider quilt, “Pop Stars”. Judy explained how she cut up her scraps so that they are useful, the difference between ‘hot’ and ‘cold’ colours and many other ways of pulling together a scrappy quilt. 

Quilt Show & Sale - Nov. 5th & 6th: Betty Thomasson suggested the need for larger quilts to adorn the walls of the room and hoped that members would have some large quilts to sell. She stressed the need for smaller quilted items and also pieces to attract customers on the ‘Toonie Table’. Betty asked that if we have any items ready for the sale, to please bring them to the Oct. meeting so that she can get a head start on the pricing of these items. A request was also made for volunteers to post flyers re our show in their communities.

Gathering of the Guilds, Oct. 19th : Marlene Mooy reported on the happenings of this event. There is to be a Trunk Show in the afternoon with Ann Marie Patrick. Five vendors have agreed to attend along with two longarm quilters. She stated that it was hard to guess as to how many participants will be there – past members as well as local guilds have been invited. 

Marlene requested that members who have any items/quilts that have been done in Canada’s 150th fabric to please bring them to the Oct. meeting. She also asked for a maximum of 20 members to sign up to take part in a show & tell segment – each member will write an explanation/story of their piece which will be read by the commentator as they display it. There will also be care quilts on display along with a list of various workshops that have taken place at our Guild. Refreshments & treats will be available.

Show & Tell: Wow, what a show! Our members certainly weren’t sitting at home doing ‘nothing’ this summer. What great pieces they accomplished. I hope Sandy got some wonderful pictures.

Door Prize & 50/50 Draw: Congratulations to Pat Hook on her win of the door prize, and to Joan Merner as the winner of the 50/50 draw. A nice way for you to finish the quilting season.

Social Committee: Diane Sutton circulated a sign-up sheet for members to commit to bringing treats for the break at our monthly meetings. At the Oct. meeting, she proposed that we celebrate our 20th anniversary with a special birthday cake. This idea was agreeable to all.

Update: The Legion Ladies were approached by Diane Sutton & Pat Hook and they are willing to provide a Christmas dinner for us on December 11, 2017.  The menu would be: turkey, two veggies & potatoes, rolls, salad, relish tray, & dessert along with coffee/tea & juice.

The cost is $17 which includes taxes. The social committee would like to give the Legion a number a.s.a.p., therefore they would like a minimum of 20 to 25 members to sign up. If you are interested, please bring your money to the Oct. meeting.  We all know how delicious a home cooked turkey dinner is at the legion, and as Diane says, “we get to skip the work!”

Any questions, contact Diane Sutton (drsutton@hurontel.on.ca, 524-9376) or Pat Hook (524-4684). 


Hospice in Clinton: Monica Mason informed the membership that she was talking to a volunteer at the Hospice. This person felt that for the Guild to offer to supply the facility with quilts would not be a viable option as the turnover would probably be beyond our ability. Although, she did have a few ideas that might be worth considering – bed runners, wall hangings, or a quilt that could be raffled in order to raise money. Food for thought.

Advertising: Monica reported that Marie Webster was putting together an ad to be placed in the Goderich Signal-Star in an effort of recruiting new members. Update: Check the Sept. 20th Signal-Star for the article.

Social Secretary: As you are aware, Bev Van Ninhuys is the new social secretary for the next term so if you know of a member who is ill, has suffered the loss of a loved one or otherwise should be remembered by our Guild, please let her know (bmninhuys@tcc.on.ca)  so she can send a card from the Guild.
Don’t cry because it is over. Smile because it happened.

Tip of the Month:

INTERFACING/FUSIBLE WEB STORAGE – how to keep it from getting wrinkled and difficult to use.

  • Save empty wrapping paper tubes
  • Cut the cardboard tube a little longer than the width of the interfacing/fusible
  • Roll the interfacing/fusible around the tube
  • To keep it from unrolling, wrap a strip of the paper instructions around the tube and tape to hold in place which has the added bonus of telling you what type is on that particular roll or cut another piece of cardboard or paper, write the name & weight on and slip it around the roll 
  • Keep scraps in labelled Ziploc bags