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Goderich Quilter's Guild
Cutting Edge Newsletter
Next meeting for Monday, April 6th has been cancelled!

SMILE. I miss being able to meet with you, fellow quilters, in person. Quilters are generous people.
We love to create and give things away. An example is the piece, further on in the newsletter, about making face masks. You can still give quilts and other items away safely. I suggest laundering, wash your hands and put in cardboard box. The virus does not live as long on cardboard as hard surfaces. To be safe, tell recipient not to open for at least 3 days...the length of time the virus is contagious on hard surfaces.

Another place we can be generous, while practicing social distancing safely, is to give away a smile. As you make contact, you both benefit from it. So SMILE and help yourself and another person's anxiety.

On another note, the executive have accepted an updated constitution and bylaw. It has been attached along with this newsletter. Please read it and email me any thoughts/concerns about it. At our next actual meeting, the membership needs to vote to accept this.

Stay well. Nancy

Notes from the February 10th, 2020 meeting:
Nancy Ridder opened the meeting with a warm welcome to members and our guests. She informed every one of the upcoming events that had come in the mail.

Nancy reported on the work that was being done by the executive in regards to the Guild's constitution and bylaws. She stated this package will be brought to the next meeting and discussed with the membership.

Membership: There were 34 members and 3 guests in attendance at our meeting today.

Treasurer's Report: Monica Mason emailed the report to the membership prior to the meeting and it was accepted as read. Any outstanding bills were requested to be handed in.

Guest Speaker: Diane Carson presented a fabulous trunk show with the ultimate in piecing and machine quilting. Her pieces were "showcase" in Quality. I will never reach that stage but "my gosh" it was wonderful to see her beauties. Although Diane was quick to give the credit for the most of the piecing to Anne Beaudain who is her partner in producing these pieces for entry into shows. Diane's expertise in machine quilting. She began machine quilting in 1985, but her career in machine quilting started in 2000. As a founding member of the CMQA (Canadian Machine Quilters' Association), the goal to promote machine quilting and educate quilters began and she has never looked back since. 

Diane is also a representative of the CQA and the need for insurance for the Guild, especially when putting on functions was discussed she also informed us on the various challenges that the CQA offers and encouraged us to get involved.

Morning Workshop: There were ten members who attended the morning workshop on "walking foot" and "free motion" quilting. They came away with a better understanding of these methods of quilting along with plenty of tips for achieving success. The class was divided into two groups, the walking foot class taught Jane Dawson, and free motion group taught by Liz Wulf. Half way through the morning they switched to allow both groups acquire the knowledge of each method. All the participants learned the introductory of machine quilting to begin their own adventure.

Library: Liz Wulf informed everyone of the books donated by Judy MacMillan along with a treasure trough of rulers. The list of rulers (some include instructions) will be updated and available in the library. There were also two new additions added to our library - Patches of Scraps by Edytar Sitar and Wool, Needle & Thread by Lisa Bongean.

FYI: the block is called Barbara Frietchie Star. I found an interesting article about this lady Barbara Frietchie is recalled as an elderly woman who waved Union Flag from her attic while General Stonewall Jackson marched his Confederate troops through town . Jackson ordered his men to fire at the defiant woman. "Shoot if you must this old gray head. But Spare your country's flag", she shouted. Her defiant flag waving is and American myth flying in the face of the facts. This version, blockBase #1140, was given the name Barbara Frietchie by the Grandmother Clark Needlework Company in 1932.

Show and Tell: What a lovely display of members' talents.

Fiber Fair: Discussion occurred regarding this event that was being put on at the Kingsbridge Community Centre but this has since been cancelled, although the upcoming Fiber Arts Show in Goderich which we agreed to organize in the Fall is still on at this point. Barb Hainsworth has volunteered for the setup and she is now looking for members to help.

Door Prize and 50/50: The lucky winner of the door prize was Tracey MacKenzie and the winner of the 50/50 draw was Lisa Niglas who skipped out the door to purchase her Easter Bonnet. Our guest speaker, Diane Carson, came equipped with five packages from CQA as door prizes. The winner of these were: Carol Egener, Barb Cragg, Alice Silma, Gladys Netzke and Clara Anne Jewell.

Several people have asked about the Guild making face masks for hospitals. At this point, there is not the shortage they are seeing in the States. Fabric face masks give minimal protection.

The issue with face masks is they give people a false sense of security so they don't practice social distancing and hand washing properly. People often take them off wrong, touching the front and possibly getting virus on their hands. People will often fiddle with masks increasing face contact. The other big thing is that viral spray has as much chance going into the eyes and infecting us that way. So a person should be using goggles or face shields along with face masks when in a truly contagious situation.

Face masks are needed by a person who is contagious. For people that are living with someone contagious,and cannot get proper disposable face masks, the cloth face masks with a face shield will do in a pinch.

The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends wearing a medical mask at home, if you:
~Have symptoms, like coughing or sneezing, as it can reduce contagious droplets fro being sprayed around you.
~Are caring for someone with a suspected COVID -19 infection.

Typically, public health officials in North America and Europe say healthy shouldn't wear masks in public. It would be "rational" to recommend wearing face masks in public for vulnerable people, such as older adults, and those with underlying medical conditions.

One official said while wearing a mask makes "zero sense" while walking down the street, there i s logic to using one if you're forced to be in an enclosed space, such as public transit or a crowded grocery store". Based on this, face masks have a small place in the epidemic for general public. Since medical masks are in short supply for the public, cloth masks are better than nothing. You can make them for friends and family but the hospitals son't need them. The Guild will NOT be collecting them.