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Monday, February 8th, 2021. 1:00 pm

Snow days—who enjoyed being able to stay snug in their house while the snow kept falling down gently and kept falling down?  When I first moved to Huron County from Hamilton and experienced my first true stay at home snow storm, I suddenly needed to go out.  Didn’t matter where but just to go somewhere.  
I have since learned better.  Now that I quilt and look forward to having an excuse to stay in and quilt.  

During this pandemic where we have to stay home regardless of the weather, many of us are reaching out to family and friends by other ways.  Don’t forget about your guild community.   Reach out by phone or via technology.

Thank you Edna, for setting up the “Snow day, Sew day”.  I was unable to make it but I hope some people were able to enjoy each other’s company.  If any of you wish to set up a time, contact Edna and she can set it up for you.  The Zoom account is for the whole guild.   It is easier to sew virtually together if you have a laptop or tablet by your sewing machine.  If you don’t, you can always join via your computer and do hand sewing or just visit.  The weather can’t hold us back from this type of visit.

Thank you to our program committee—Edna Kweon, Monica Mason and Betty Thomasson for their hard work in getting speakers and stream lining our Zoom meetings.  I am looking forward to meeting people via breakout rooms—these are rooms where there are only a small number of people.  Makes it easier to just chat and visit.   See you soon.

Afternoon. Program  - 1:00 p.mTrunk Show A-la-Mode  hosted by Dawn Piasta who is a fibre artist living in Dauphin, Manitoba, Canada. She invites you to delve into her ‘creative a la mode’ and share her excitement for the inspired process and passion for art quilting.

Dawn is inspired by playfulness and uses her artistry to awaken the memory of special moments in her life. Her subject matter reflects her unique vision of the world in which she lives: passionate, energetic and spirited. Utilizing a variety of artist techniques and textiles, Dawn’s quilts are an extension of her life experiences - a vacation, a song, a person, a flower or simply a feeling. Her quilt artistry tells the stories.

Dawn’s art begins with personal photographs. Her artistic style is eclectic and constantly changing. Much like the dragonfly, where in almost every part of the world symbolizes change, and change in the perspective of self-realization; Dawn’s artistry channels her mental and emotional maturity and the understanding of the deeper meaning of life.

Morning Program  - 9:30 a.m :  Fabric Postcard Workshop - Take a look at these tutorials.  They are quite helpful 

https://pin.it/2q2PWoQ         https://pin.it/1UOvJ03


  • fabric – enough to make a 5X7” postcard.  You can use any quilting technique you prefer to make the postcard front eg piecing, applique, paper piecing, machine applique, etc.  (please note that your finished postcard will end up 4X6”)
  • a 5X7” piece of backing fabric is needed.  You can use card stock, but I think fabric makes it unique. You can print a postcard template on plain fabric using your printer or you can draw on the fabric using a micron pen
  • batting -  a natural cotton batting cut to 5X7” can be used, or any other piece of batting 
  • Heavyweight fusible interfacing/stabilizer at least 5X7”.  I have used Timtex and recently tried Peltex 71F, a single sided stabilizer  
  • You can find out more about interfacings by consulting Tammy at The Quilt Kitchen, Exeter or by visiting Kathy Wylie's website to learn more.
  • Lighter weight Fusible Web can be helpful if you are using raw edge applique in your design.  I have used Pellon product that is fusible on 2 sides, and recently tried Appliquik (one-sided Fusible web)
  • Variety of threads; Scissors; Micron Pens; Pins; 
  • Sewing machine with Walking Foot or Machine quilting foot.
  • Gloves for machine quilting; iron and pressing cloth
  • Design ideas – your imagination is your guide!!!

See you on February 8 at 9:30 am or anytime throughout the morning!

Notes from Jan. 11, 2031 Meeting:

The meeting began with a few open remarks from Nancy Ridder and a warm welcome to members with a special welcome to our guest, Suzy Anderson.

Attendance: We had an increase in participants (39) at today’s meeting which means a few more members are “getting their feet wet” trying to navigate this new way of communicating – via “ZOOM”.

Beckie Robb has asked that she be taken off the membership list at this time. Update: Since our meeting I was informed that Suzanne Anderson decided to join our team of quilters. Please add her name to your membership list. 

Treasurer’s Report: Sarah Turvolgyi sent out her report via email prior to the meeting and it was accepted as read. 

Morning Program: There were 11 members who took part in the fabric box tutorial this morning and everyone agreed that it was a fun experience. Most of the participants finished theirs and held it up for the rest of the members to see at the afternoon meeting – really neat little boxes that could be used for various items – storing small quilting items (pins, buttons, etc.) hostess gifts (filled with candy, nuts or a potted plant), or thread catchers. 

Afternoon Program: Edna Keown welcomed today’s speaker, Brandy Maslowski, who is a quilter, a podcast speaker, teacher, but most of all, a fibre artist. She spoke to members about organizing sewing rooms and clearing our ‘clutter’.  Were you able to absorb all the suggestions that Brandy offered today? What great ideas!! 

Before you start, look around the room and get rid of the items that don’t belong or you don’t use any more. There is only a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ with no ‘in-betweens’ – just let it go. Keep only the things you love!

Brandy stressed that you sort your items first before you go out to shop for organizers to help you clear your clutter – do not jump on the latest fad. You want to purchase exactly what you need. Therefore if you are aware of what you have, it is so easy to pick up the most suitable item you need to keep it altogether and organized. Brandy suggested so many different methods and items to do this and showed examples by giving a tour of her own sewing room.

Join the ‘Quilter on Fire’ email list (www.quilteronfire.com ) and you'll be part of her Quilt Crew! You'll get weekly quilt inspiration, first access to podcast previews, and a few other tidbits in between!  
Her podcasts are extremely interesting. 

March Morning Program: Attached is the pattern and supply list for the morning program in March. The program committee felt that you may wish to have time to get everything ready ahead of time.

Show & Tell: A delightful part of the meeting. Keep sending in your photos to Edna Keown. It is so motivating to see what other members are doing. As we were notified by email about the new rules re the show & tell segment, don’t forget to describe your entry so that members can read about it as there will be no commentary.

Block of the Month: Marian Lane had forwarded the block of the month via email prior to this meeting. It is a 12.5” pieced barn as it is important that we recognize our farmers.

Program: Monica Mason had sent out a questionnaire to get a sense of how members are feeling about our ZOOM meetings and find out if there were any suggestions on how to improve them – she reminded members of this and requested that it be filled out by Jan. 25th. Hope you made the deadline! Attached to this newsletter is the Feedback on the Guild Survey.


String Theory: Edna Keown thought that this might be of interest to some members since string quilts are popular and easy to make using up our small pieces of fabric. Check it out.

String pieced quilts from past to present on display at the Iowa Quilt Museum each Tuesday at 12:00 p.m. via Zoom for an online program featuring the Virtual Iowa Quiltscape. They have included the past programs to view if you are unable to link in on Tuesdays. Bonnie Hunter has a few quilts in this exhibit:   http://iowaquiltmuseum.org/current-exhibit/

Door Prize:  Carol Egener was our lucky winner of our monthly door prize. Today’s speaker, Brandy Maslowki, donated two matching fat quarters as another door prize and the lucky winner of these was Jane Dawson.

Other:  Peggy Allin informed members that there are 8-10 Christmas parcels that have never been picked up. If you didn’t receive/pick up yours, please email or call her. She also let Liz Wulf know that there are still quilting books and Liz offered to sort through them.