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Goderich Quilter's Guild
Cutting Edge Newsletter
Next meeting is Monday, January 14th, 1 pm. 

We hope you all had a lovely Christmas celebration with lots of leftover turkey for sandwiches.
Fortunately the weather co-operated and we expect most of you were able to get to where you were going or had relatives arrive on schedule-not always the case in Huron County!

With all the turmoil in the world, we can only hope that things will improve in the early part of 2019 and that more people in the world will be able to live in the peace that we enjoy in Canada.

Janet has some really interesting programs and workshops for the first quarter of 2019 and we hope that you will take advantage of them and participate as much as you are available and able. Looking forward to another new year at the Goderich Guild!!

Monica and Barb

Afternoon Program:  The afternoon entertainment will be a trunk show by our own guild members. Hopefully some stories to go along with it. Some members have been contacted and are willing to bring a few quilts, but please do not hesitate, even if you were not called, to bring some of your quilt pieces and join in - the more, the better!! This could be a very interesting and fun afternoon, especially if quite a few members participate. Just think of all the ideas you'll come home with.  Your New Year's resolution to finish UFO's just went out the window!

Morning Program:  Quilt Hug Workshop - Teresa Jantzi will host a workshop to teach members to make the Quilt Hugs that she presented at the November meeting.

Anyone who is taking this workshop has a pattern, but if not, I am sure one will be available or could be shared. It is up to the individual as the whether they want to do some prep at home before coming to the workshop, ie 66" x 36" rectangle pieced and quilted ready to cut to shape. You can also just bring your material and start from scratch. Teresa says either way wold be fine. She will guide people through all the steps from wherever they are at.

Bring fabric for top, backing and binding. If using cotton on both sides then also batting, but if using a fleece not batting necessary - your choice. Of course, you will need your machine and sewing paraphernalia.

Notes from the December 10, 2018 meeting:

Barb Hainsworth opened the meeting today by thinking the Legion Ladies and helpers for the delightful Christmas dinner that we had just finished enjoying. Prior to the start of the meeting.
Janet MacDonald circulated a bag of mug rugs and members got to dip into the bag and pull one out to take home. Barb then welcomed and wished everyone a "Merry Christmas".

A thank you note from the Nursing Home in Seaforth was read to express their appreciation for the care quilt which had been donated to them by the Guild. Another correspondence was relayed regarding the award won by the quilt shop, Cotton Harvest in Seaforth. The quilt shop will be featured in the Spring/Summer edition of of the "Quilt Sampler" magazine. If you have never read this magazine, it is very interesting and worthwhile picking up. It usually features 10 top Quilt shops across Canada and the USA and a special quilt pattern from each shop is int he magazine.

Membership: Jane Dawon stated that there were 26 members at the meeting today. She apologized for not having the name tags for the new members, but reassured them that they will be available at the next meeting. If any member did not receive their membership list, let Anne Wickie know and she will send out an email to you.

Treasurer's Report:  This report went out the by email from Anne Elliott. After she had sent out this report, Anne realized she had made a mistake regarding the sales at the museum in November. This was corrected and the new report was sent out. Members accepted the report as read.

Take a leap of faith & begin this wondrous new year by first believing in yourself!

Outreach:  Marie Webster reported that their had been 13 quilts given to the Women's Shelter. She reminded them of our instructions that these quilts were to be given to the families when they leave the shelter. Therefore it would be up to them to inform the Guild when a need for more quilts was necessary. Marie also informed the membership that she gave 6 care quilts to the Salvation Army and 6 to St. Vincent de Paul this month.

I read this in one of my many quilting magazines (yes, I wold rather read a magazine than a computer page) and I thought it was worth repeating:

It is a new year! Many quilters use their gifts and talents to help those in need by either donating quilts or raising money. Even small acts of kindness can have a big impact. Quilters are a generous bunch, and there are many things you can do to make a difference. And yes, making a quilt is one of them!  Little by little, a little becomes a lot. I hope everyone finds a generous way to say "I care" to those in need. This is the time of year we all consider giving just a little bit more of or time, talent, and possessions to others. If we all give a little, pretty soon it will be a lot.
CQA Canadian Quilters Magazine

Library:  Liz Wulf commented on the results/ suggestions that were gathered from the survey that she had circulated last month regarding improving the contents of the library. It was suggested that any books that we owned and but no longer wanted could be donated for the sale at the museum next year. This sale went over very well in November and it was felt that we should repeat it.

Liz also stated that the library wold be very opened to receiving any donations of rulers or templates that members were willing to part with. Although she forgot to mention, it would be really appreciated if the instruction sheet that came with each item could be submitted as well.

These quilting tools wold be an asset to the library since a lot of rulers etc. are expensive and are used for possibly only a one time project. Therefore being able to borrow them would certainly save money. (If you are like me, you will have to search your sewing room to find were you put the instructions - you know, the spot you will always remember!)

The following books are the new publications that have been added to our library:

1. Quilt As-You-Go Made Modern by Hera Bandvig
2. 15 Minutes of Play -Improvisional Quilts by Victoria Findley Wolfe
3. The Improv Handbook for Modern Quilters by Sherri Lynn Wood
4. Rulerwork Quilting Idea Book by Amanda Murphy

Programming:  Janet MacDonald revealed her plans for the program agenda for each of the months remaining in the Guild season, but I couldn't write it down fast enough. If I attempt to fake it, I know that I will only muck it up. So I will let Janet remind us each month regarding what is to come. Surprise is nice, right!!!

Door Prize and 50/50 Draw: Janet MacDonald won the door prize today and Joan Merner was the lucky winner of the 50/50 draw.

Show and Tell:  We had a great display of items in this segment today as shown by the pictures that Sandy Sowerby circulated. And Barb Hainsworth showed another autographed antique quilt but this one was from Know Church that had been completed in 1939. What a keepsake this is. It goes to show you, just because you make it today doesn't mean it won't be around for the next three or four generations to enjoy - the reason a label is so important!

Care Quilt Block:  Marg Fouts circulated the care quilt block for December. It is constructed with half square triangles and four patches and finishes at 8 1/2 inches square. She is hoping that members could find the times to sew a few extras to make sure that there are enough handed in to complete a quilt top.