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Goderich Quilter's Guild
Cutting Edge Newsletter
Next meeting is Monday, June 11, 2018, 12:30 pm. (Please note the time change)

We have managed to survive our first year as Co-Presidents and hope that we haven't driven you crazy. We have also decided that the hardest part of the job is to write an "inspiring" message each month in the newsletter!
We want to thank all of the Executive for their conscientious work and their support and for  those who are stepping down. A job well done and enjoy your "retirement". For those joining the Executive, thank you for volunteering your time and efforts and we will do all that we can to support you. A meeting of the new Executive will be planned for August - date to be advised.

As we write this, June is on the calendar and the weather is more like summer than spring - a true sign of global warming - not necessarily what we would like but it is what it is. So stay cool this summer, enjoy this time of relaxation and time with family and friends - but don't forget we have our sale in November and we will need lots of items to sell!!!!

Barb and Monica

Once again, a potluck luncheon was decided upon to celebrate the end of a great year. As you are aware, a UFO challenge had been made in the Fall where members were divided into two groups, the Energizer Bunnies and the Leaping Frogs. The winning team is to be catered to at the June Potluck Luncheon and the losing team become the Cooks!!! Congratulations, Leaping Frogs, enjoy your meal!

You will need to bring napkins, plates, utensils, cups and a serving utensil, if it is required to serve up your addition to the meal. We will be eating first before the meeting. So be sure to join us with your appetites intact ready to be nourished.

P.M. PROGRAM: TBA - Betty is "racking her brain" to come up with a project or whatever to keep members entertained in the afternoon. If you can help with a suggestion, it would be greatly appreciated. Contact her at brubet@hurontel.on.ca

MORNING WORKSHOP 9:00 A.M.: We will once again be working on Marg Brand's bed runner, a Judy Niemeyer pattern. Betty and Cindy have been working hard to set us on the path to completion (hopefully).

NOTES FROM MAY 14TH MEETING: Everyone was welcomed by Barb Hainsworth including our guest speaker, Gail Barry. A thank you card from CAS expressing their appreciation of our donation was read to the membership. Flyers and bookmarks that had come in were placed at the membership table as you come in. Members were also informed that the patterns set out on the table had been donated and were free for the taking.

Monica Mason passed on a request from Huron Hospice. It has been decided at the hospice that they would like to be able to have a quilt for each of their beds. They have four beds and the need for 4 quilts per bed, double size (78x92 or 70x90) was expressed. At this point, this s what they anticipate needing and Monica will check with them in the Fall once they have been up and running for awhile to see if those needs have changed. She will also be put in touch with whoever is in charge of laundry to give them some pointers on how to wash quilts properly. More discussion is needed on this request and will be revisited in the Fall.

Never be afraid to try something new!

As part of her duties as Past President, Marian Lane circulated a list of the executive positions that unfortunately will become vacant at the end of this year prior to the end of the 2017-2019 term, thus a 1 year commitment is required. She asked members to fill in their name beside the position that they would be willing to take on in September 2018, i.e. Vice-President, 2nd VP, Program, B.O.M., Secretary and Door Prize. Hopefully, we were able to fill these positions.

Discussion took place as the recognizing the privacy of members when a card acknowledging their illness is sent out by our social coordinator. It is one those situations where "you are damned if you do and damned if you don't".

MEMBERSHIP:  There were 26 members in attendance today along with one guest. Jane Dawson reports three returning members and one new member this year, giving the Guild a total of 41 members.

CARE QUILT BLOCK:  Marlene Mooy circulated the May block for our care quilt. It is "Crockett Cabin", and is a Jacob's Ladder block. We are asked to use a cream or tone on tone cream for the background and two different darks for squares C & D. It is to be a 12.5 inch unfinished block.

LIBRARY:  Liz Wulf reminded members to be sure to bring back any outstanding books if they are not going to be used over the summer. You are permitted to take out a limit of 4 books over the summer as long as they are returned at the September meeting.

GATHERING OF THE GUILDS:  It was announced that the event "The Gathering of the Guilds" will be held this year in Kirkton, on October 18th, 2018. Be sure to mark this date on your calendar.

PRESIDENT'S THANK YOU GIFT:  Marian Lane showed members the finished quilt that she made from the blocks given to her as a thank you for her term as President in 2015 - 17. What a beautiful quilt she accomplished from these blocks.


Marie Jefferson won the 50/50 draw today and Marian Lane was the lucky winner of the door prize. Congratulations, Ladies, it is nice to go home with a little gift, right?

GODERICH ART GALLERY:  Jane Dawson suggests that we should display some of our Art Quilts in the Galley and she offered to look into this possibly in the Fall.

HUMBOLDT "BRONCO" QUILT:  Liz Wulf and Jane Dawson displayed the quilt that members of the Guild had sewn in response to the request made over the internet for a number of quilts needed in Humboldt after the bus accident. Ten members worked on it under the directional skills of Monica Mason, and achieved a finished product within a short period of time. This picture was sent to the Signature - Star and appeared in the May 23rd edition.

Other members made blocks and a few were able to finish a completed quilt on their own and had them sent out. Good work!! I am sure they will be appreciated.

SHOW AND TELL:  What can I say? It was an inspiring show. Our members certainly know how to keep themselves busy and so creative!

"Learn to embrace those slight handmade imperfections in your work, after all it was made by a human and not a robot!"

GUEST SPEAKER AND TRUNK SHOW:  Gail Barry is a self taught woman with a great amount of skill. As she stated, she is not from a quilting household, but has always had lots of hobbies and interests. Once she discovered the creativity of quilting, she claims she has never looked back. Gail's husband has also "picked up the bug". He does the machine embroidery that appears on her quilts. Longarm quilting plays a huge roll in her business, but her interests are wide and this showed in the varied collection of her quilt display. What an interesting lady!!

OUTREACH:  Marie Webster has now stepped into the position of Outreach Coordinator. She informed everyone that the care quilts are now being housed at Lakeshore United Church on North Street. For the summer, members will need to contact Monica Mason (monica@hurontel.on.ca) and she will arrange a time to get a care quilt. In September members can pick up a quilt on any Tuesday when the Sew n' Sews are quilting in the basement of the Church. The quilts are all displayed on hangers which makes it very easy to pick out a suitable one.
Marie reported that the 2017-18 Guild season yielded 60 Care Quilts and stated that we should give ourselves a "pat on the back"as this is avery good for such a small group. She then reiterated her instructions as to the need for a tag to be pinned onto your quilt with your name and size of the quilt. She also stressed that a Guild label is to be sewn on.

This story has it all!! Thank you to sisters Debra and Carla for sharing. Jenny Doan's newlsetter August 16th.
Mom was diagnosed with cancer for the second time in December of 2005. We had been through this before and knew this time would be the last. My sister, Carla, decided to fly back to Nebraska to spend time with Mom and me. We decided to make a quilt to pass the time. My sister had purchased a block of the month the year before and brought it for us to work on. Our mom was able to watch us work on the blocks. We told her we would use it as a raffle quilt for my sister's local Relay for Life in California where she lived.

Our mom passed away in December 2006, never seeing it completed but knowing what it would be used for. She always told us to put on our big girl panties and not to whine about her prognoses. We named the finished quilt "NO WHINING" as the theme of the quilt was grapes and wine done in purples and greens. which Mom loved. Tickets were sold and we made close to $1,700 for the Relay for Life. I flew to California to participate in the drawing. It went to a lady my sister knew who lived in a city about ninety miles from her. She was thrilled and loved the quilt!

Fast forward four years to 2011. My sister went to work and there was a box with her name on it. When she opened it, there was mom's quilt with a letter from the owner. She wrote that in 2009 her home caught on fire. It started in the living room where the quilt was draped over her couch. When the firefighters arrived the first place they aimed their hoses was at the couch. Her entire living room was destroyed all except a few mementos and the quilt. The quilt itself is in perfect condition, not even the slightest hint of smoke. Talk about a miracle. She said every times she wrapped herself in the quilt she could feel the love and thought it should be returned back to us.

My sister kept this a secret until she came back to Nebraska with me. There at the evening of Show and Tell she got up and told this story and how the quilt came back home to us. She renamed the quilt "Coming Home" and presented it to me as she said that I deserved to have it as I was mom's caregiver and the glue that held us together when our world fell apart. It had gone through fire to come home to us. Needless to say there wasn't a dry eye anywhere after her presentation and it was a special moment we both treasure. We both still quilt and share ideas, but this quilt is our special bond!