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Goderich Quilter's Guild
Cutting Edge Newsletter
Next meeting is Monday, January 13th, 1 pm. 

A Joyous New Year to everyone and a warm welcome to 2020. The holidays are over, length of daylight is starting to increase, and winter is settling in. We're all hoping for a few winter months indoors so we have an excuse to quilt without guilt of not getting outside.

No matter how long you've been at quilting, make a promise to learn something new this year! The rest of the year's program looks promising. You can also take classes at "relatively local" quilt stores, as well as online if you're comfortable with technology. Visit our library as there are still new things you can learn from books and magazines.

Don't forget the President's Challenge. Use this opportunity to step out of your comfort zone. For those that were unable to attend the December meeting, you missed a great meal as well as much laughter, as we exchanged fabric and pin cushions. You can still bring 3 or 4 pieces of recycled fabric 12-20 inches in size. There will be pieces of fabric available that you can exchange with. Anyone else that has already participated is welcome to bring any leftover pieces from your remaining recycled fabric (Not the fabric you took hone in the December exchange) This will give members that were absent more variety to choose from. Do put the fabric pieces in individual bags.

Afternoon Program: Trunk Show presented by Kristyn McCoy, Melon Patch Quilts, Custom Machine Quilter from Coldstream. She is a modern quilter with the London Modern Quilt Group.
Hopefully the weather cooperates for use.

Morning Program: A workshop on making a pillow top with men's ties. Janet has a lot of ties ready to go for anyone wanting to do this or you may also wish to bring your own. Please be sure they are taken apart and pressed and ready to go.
Supplies: A steam a seam or a fusible of your choice and background fabric, sewing machine and accessories.
Please let Janet know if your are signing up at 519-955-5120 or mr.mrs.macdonald@gmail.com

Notes from the December 9th meeting:
Christmas Dinner: Our day began by celebrating the holiday season with our annal festive Christmas dinner comprising of the traditional turkey and all the trimmings. The tasty meal was catered by the Legion Ladies who graciously waited on all of us. This was a wonderful opportunity to converse with members and get to know one another better and enjoy a laugh or two together.

After dinner, Nancy Rider opened the meeting by welcoming everyone and announced the passing of a former member, Marlene Black. Members were also informed that the Colborne B&B, 72 Colborne Street, Goderich is now offering for quilting retreats. For more information call 866-430-4782.

Nancy reminded members not to forget to bring fabric that you are willing to donate to the January meeting. Betty and Marian will sort it and have sets ready for the care quilt marathon in February. Bring only 100% cotton in a variety of interesting colours (no neutrals as the backgrounds are neutral) The fabric needs to be a minimum of 10 inch squares or 10 inch strips as the patterns are based on these dimensions. At our February meeting, the membership will be divided into teams that will be provided a pattern. If you have any questions, please email Betty Thomasson at brubet@hurontel.on.ca or Marian Lane at  lanes@hurontel.on.ca

Attendance: There were 41 members and 1 guest who enjoyed the Christmas dinner together.

Treasurer's Report: Anne Elliott had circulated her report by email prior to the meeting which was accepted by the membership as read. A decision was made that the revenue from the book sale at the museum would be deposited into the library budget for this year. She reports that the surplus of cash from last month is still a mystery.

Quilt Show and Sale: The profit from this sale was revealed in the report from the Treasurer. It was felt that it was a worthwhile endeavor as the profit was up slightly from last year. The majority of the membership voted to carry on having the Quilt Show and Sale as we have been doing for the past few years. The raffle quilt sale not as successful as we had hoped it would be, and the museum staff decided not to take this on next year due to the amount of work involved.

Outreach: Marie Webster reported on the quilts given to the Habitat for Humanity family in Clinton. This event was attended by Monica Mason, Bev Van Ninhys and Marie. There were 5 quilts presented to them from the Quilters' Guilds of Goderich and Bayfield.

Marie also revealed the number of quilts given out this year prior to the start of the Christmas season:
Community (Individual) 5, Maple Tree Apts. 5, The Women's Shelter 8, The Salvation Army 5, St. Vincent de Paul 5, and room to Grow 7, A total of 35 Quilts delivered to the community.

Show and Tell: What word would you use to describe this segment of our meeting? Inspiring? Amazing? Impressive? Encouraging? Or all of them?
Our door prize winner was Sandy Sowerby and the lucky person to go home with the 50/50 winnings was Judy Cieslar.

President's Challenge: Members brought in the required fabric, etc. in bags and these were distributed among participants. Nancy clarified to everyone that this challenge was not mandatory - participate only if you want to. After a "fun" game, everyone ended up with three bags of fabrics and embellishments to use in their projects. Now to see what we can come up with! This challenge will be revealed in June along with a "Mystery" prize.

Pincushion Exchange: Most members took part in this exchange and there were a lot of surprises as to the fanciness, uniqueness and creativity on the parts of our members. It is fascinating what different shapes a pincushion can take.

In Memoriam: It is with great sadness that I share the news of Judy MacMillan's passing on December 14th. She was one of our Guild's prolific quilters who was always willing toshare her knowledge and skills with anyone who asked. Judy provided many morning workshops, Block of the Month patterns for Guild members and also provided a quilting class once a month at the Southcove clubhouse. I learned many tips and tricks over the years from Judy. She will be missed by all those who knew her.