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Goderich Quilter's Guild
Cutting Edge Newsletter
Next meeting is Monday, May 13th, 1 pm. 

It would appear that Spring is finally here, let's hope we don't jump right into summer so that we get a chance to enjoy the fresh air that only Spring can provide.

We'd like to remind you that we are urgently in need of a Vice President for our next Guild year and would urge anyone who is considering volunteering to be in touch with either one of us before our May meeting if you have any questions, concerns or suggestions.

According to the Museum, the raffle tickets are selling well and people are loving the barn quilt design. Take another bow Marie!

Friday, May 10th is the date that The Quilt Sampler magazine will hit the newsstands featuring The Cotton Harvest in Seaforth as one of the top 10 quilt shops in North America and the only Canadian store to make this year's list. The Cotton Harvest will have a good supply of this issue so you may want to pick one up there and congratulate them in person.

We hope that those of you who took April's workshop will bring your completed or almost completed projects with you so that we can all see your wonderful creations.

Happy Quilting
Monica and Barb

Afternoon Program: Claudia Schumm from New Hamburg Quilt Shop - she will enlighten us on some of the new gadgets and rulers (new to some of us and familiar to others) and how to use them.
Jennifer and Claudia Schumm are a mother-daughter team currently operating a Brick and Mortar quilt shop in New Hamburg called Quilting by Design.

Morning Workshop: 9 a.m. Iron on Applique with Claudia Schumm

We will be making a picture of a vase of flowers. Kits are $20.00 and include 1/4 metre of Steam a Seam, 4 fat quarters of flower fabric, 1 fat quarter of backing, and 1 fat quarter of material for the vase. That's 6 fat quarter and Steam a Seam for $20.00!! Plus instructions on iron on applique. A pretty good deal so please come out and enjoy a  morning of fun. No machine is necessary for the workshop. The only thing you will need is a pair of scissors suitable for cutting out small pieces.
Claudia will also be bringing fabric for sale. She has a nice selection to choose from. Every quilt store is a little different, so even though we have had a fabric sale recently, we can always use more.

Please confirm if you are interested in the morning workshop so that Janet will know how many kts are needed. Her email is: mr.mrs.macdonald@gmail.com Cell phone: 519-955-5120 Land Line: 519-524-2100. Thanks

A fun day of information and Fun!

Notes for the April 8th meeting:
Barb Hainsworth opened the meeting with a warm welcome to the members and eight guests. She then introduced our guest speaker, Judy Gastro Yutzi.

Guest Speaker: Judy opened with an array of traditional quilts from the onset of her quilting journey that began as a child. She grew up in the Mennonite community and has always had a passion for sewing that eventually sparked her interest in fibre art which comes from the love of colour, fabrics, and unusual fibres. She then brought out her artisan quilts which blew us away!! Those pieces were obviously not meant for draping over a bed. Judy explained that she finds inspiration in landscapers, tress, and animals. Even the elements that make her pieces were unique, such as dryer lint-although under appreciated by most artists. Judy transforms it into a thing of beauty, i.e. colour tinged clouds in the sky, etc. Other examples of her artistic materials consist of tulle, fur, shrinking fabric for use as bark on a tree, and yarn. Her distinctive styled, realistic three-dimensional landscape is the focus of her studio work.

Over the past ten years, Judy has also completed many "commissioned works" for which she has won awards. She shared with our group several large, laminated pictures of these pieces. This trunk show opened members' minds to what is possible when you let your imagination go wild.

Treasurer's Report: Anne Elliot had emailed this report to the membership and it was accepted as read.

Membership: There were 32 members and 8 guests, six of whom were from the Zurich Quilt Guild. The guest speaker sparked the interest of our members, thus it was well attended.

Let's take care of the Earth: that is the only planet that for sure has chocolate!!!

Door Prize and 50/50 Draw: Our door prize this month was won by one of our guests from Zurich. The 50/50 draw was take home by Beth Wark ( she is the one you can hit up for a loan!)

Outreach: Marie Webster shared a response from a recipient of one of our care quilts. It is always uplifting to hear such a positive feedback and know that we are making a difference.

Advertising: Monica opened a dialogue on a request made by a quilt shop owner who would like to advertise in our newsletter. A discussion occurred around what the cost of this should be. The price decided on was $25.00 for the Guild year (10 months - September to June). The decision was moved by Betty Thomasson and seconded by Marg Fouts...............Carried.

Show and Tell: Our members revealed some gorgeous works of art today. I never cease to be impressed by the talents that they possess. Below is a little reminder of what was seen. Thanks to Eleanor Smith for the pictures.

Get to Know New Zealand: Did you attend this free event on April 28th at Ye Olde Town Hall in Ailsa Craig? It was such a friendly, informative talk by two ladies from New Zealand know as (Kiwi's) and what tasty New Zealand treats they served. No one went home hungry.

Programming: Janet revealed what April's program would be (as above), and also reminded us that the June meeting was to be a potluck luncheon. Members are to bring "whatever" they wish. If everyone brings dessert, so bit. It is a favourite part of the meal to many!