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Goderich Quilter's Guild
Cutting Edge Newsletter
Next meeting is Monday, March 11th, 1 pm. 

What a great day our February Care Quilt Day was!! So many members turned out to sew, iron, layer, sash etc. on many Care Quilts. It will be fascinating to see the finished projects over the next few months. Don' forget the Guild label and the tag that indicates its size to make Marie's record keeping that much easier. Thanks to everyone for your time, talent and devotion to the Guild's Outreach Program.

And speaking of Marie, raffle tickets are now available on her beautiful Barn Quilt. Since we don't have to sell tickets, perhaps we should buy at least one. Every library in Huron County has them as does the Museum. This cold prove to be a very successful fundraiser for or Guild.
Thanks again Marie for her awesome quilt.

Something to think about: this is the last year for Barb and I as Co-Presidents. Nancy Ridder takes over as of the end of June and we need a new volunteer for the position of Vice President. You will have two full years to work with Nancy and learn the ob so please consider volunteering for this important position.

Remember that Sanity Hill will be setting up shop at 11 am on our next meeting day so we hope many of your will come early to shop and bring your lunch. It's cash or cheque only but also o HST.
Monica and Barb.

Afternoon Program at 1:00 pm.  Linda Barr, Ailsa Craig Quilt & Fibre Arts Festival, will display a preview of what is to to come at the New Zealand Quilt Show in Ailsa Craig this spring. There will be sign up sheets for the workshops at this show if you wish to take part.

Also Hilda Wales from Sanity Hill Fabrics (north of Teeswater on County Road 4) will be displaying her merchandise at today's meeting from 11 am. to 3:30 pm. Note: Cash or Cheque only!!

Hilda will talk after the New Zealand trunk show about the specialty fabrics and notions that she carries and their uses.

ALSO:  John Lohse will be back to continue to sharpen scissors and knives. He will be here at 10:30 am. so if you were unable to have your scissors done last month, now is the time.

There will be no morning workshop.

Your speed doesn't matter........forward is forward!

Notes from the March 11th meeting:

Barb Hainsworth opened a short meeting today. She informed members that she had been talking to the museum staff regarding the raffle quilt offered by Marie Webster which they were thrilled about. So all the preparations i.e.tickets, posters, advertising etc., are now in the hands of the museum staff. As soon as the tickets are printed, they will be available at the museum and all Huron County libraries. UPDATE: As stated in the President's message, these tickets are now on sale.

Barb also reminded members of the fabric sale sponsored by the Stonehouse Grans (check this under Quilts to see...Places to Go') in St. Marys on April 27th.

Annual Care Quilt Day: Things got underway this morning at 9 and machines, needles, cutters, irons, and other quilting accessories were put to good use. As always with this group, snacks were abundant and tasty. There were approximately 24 members who took art and sewed their "little hearts" out and of course with a refreshment break in between spurts of energy. The number of quilts completed will be, hopefully, given at the next meeting. We can call this day a success which should increase our stock of care quilts.

Membership: A new member Sandra Willert, tok part in our annual care quilt day. Please add her name to the membership list that was sent out a few weeks ago.

Treasurer's Report: No report this month.

Outreach: A thank you note that had been sent to the Guild from the CAS was read by Marie Webster.

Accept both compliments and criticism.
It takes both sun and rain for flowers to grow!

Programming: Janet MacDonald reminded those who signed up the Landscape Workshop with Judy Gascho-Jutzi that the fee of $30.00 for the kit is due at the March Guild meeting. This workshop is April 11th at Knox church in Goderich.

Show and Tell: A few members brought items to show and other members displayed their care quilt tops that they had been completed at the time of our show and tell segment.

The Library wasn't opened today. One of the books, Pillow Tops, that Liz Wulf displayed at the January meeting had bee documented in the newsletter as being a new publication. She wanted to correct this error as this book had been donated by one of our members. Li also displayed four more books that were donated.

The minutes fly so quickly, don't let them pass you by!

Tip of the Month:

Here are seven helpful tips to make quilting easier on you and your joints if you have arthritis:

1. Don't stop quilting. Unless your doctor tell you otherwise, you can continue to enjoy your hobby. In fat, quilting may help to increase flexibility and prevent joint stiffness.

2. Don't quilt for too long. Set a time limit for yourself for the day and be sure to take plenty of breaks where your get up and move around.

3. Warm up. Yes, just like exercising. It's a god idea to loosen your joints and muscles before you get down to business.

4. Cool dow. Again, as you would with any other physical exercise, you should take a moment to stretch any stiff or tight joints and muscles at the end of your quilting session.

5. Use Adaptive Aids. There are many tools and notions that make quilting easier for everyone, not just those with arthritis. Visit your local quilt shop, or shop online to find products that will reduce the strain and pain.

6. Go Social. Ask a friend over to help you with cutting or quilting. Not only are you getting work done without strain on your joints, but the social aspect will improve your mental and emotional health as well.

7. The most important thing is, listen to your body. If it hurts, stop!!! In fact, stop before it hurts. Don't overdo it. Quilting should continue to be an enjoyable experience for you.