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Goderich Quilter's Guild
Cutting Edge Newsletter
Next meeting is Monday, September 9th, 1pm. 

As the new president, I would like to welcome new and returning members to the 2019-20 quilt guild. May we be an inclusive guild that helps and encourages each other grow in their guilting abilities.

If you are a returning member, please make new members feel welcome and explain to them what we do as a guild. We often forget that not everyone knows how different things work such as care quilts, show and tell, the museum show and sale, to name a few.

If you are a new member don't be afraid to ask questions. We were all new members once and remember the awkward feeling of not understanding what was happening. Your questions may make us stop and analyze why we do things a certain way. We are open to new ways, so don't be afraid to speak up.

We are a guild with members of all levels of quilting ability and experience. Members also have varied tastes of what they like to make. Many lean towards modern type quilts while others prefer traditional quilting.

I would like to thank Monica and Barb for all the hard and fruitful work they performed, as they step down from their term as co-presidents.

Membership fee: $45.00/year. Exact change would be appreciated or a cheque made payable to Goderich Quilters' Guild. This makes the registration process go so much easier.

Our membership privileges (included in our annual fee) cover the following:
-Hall rental at the Legion
-Programs/Trunk shows (cost of speakers, mileage, etc.)
-Block of the Month patterns and other patterns (care quilts, challenges, etc.)
-Access to our extensive Library and stencils/patterns/rulers. Come early to enable you enough time to peruse our books.
-Name tags (one time only), new members will be given a name tag within 2 months of joining the Guild.
-Show and Tell segment for inspiration
-Door Prize..remember only one win per member yearly.
-Fee for maintaining website -Janet McClure, Webmaster.
Morning Mini Workshops or Personal Sewing Projects. Held at 9 am on the morning of guild meeting. No quilt police allowed!! A learning environment is no-judge zone.

Visitors are welcome at any of our guild meetings. Fee is $7.00 for all visitors/guests which will be put toward their membership if they decide to join. We love to see new faces, so please encourage your friends and acquaintances to visit to see what we are all about. A guilt group is filled with inspiration and it is this inspiration that fills a quilting soul with excitement.

Inclement Weather: In case of inclement weather, a decision to cancel the meeting will be made by the President. Emails will be sent out as soon as possible. Please check your emails first thing in the morning of the meeting. If you do not have an email address, you will get a phone call.

Reminder: Meetings are held on the 2nd Monday of each month at 1:00 pm, except for the October and November meetings which will be held on the 1st Monday due to the fact that the 2nd Monday fall on a special holiday on those months.

Library privileges are not available to non-members. A copy of the GCG constitution is available upon request from Anne Wickie at wickied@hurontel.on.ca

Don't Forget. If you do not have an email address and want to receive the monthly newsletter, please (10) self-addressed, stamped envelopes (regular postage is all that is needed) and give these toto Anne Wickie or Jane Dawson. Also for the returning members, if there is any change in your address, email address or telephone #, please write it down and give to Jane at the reception table so that the membership list can be updated.


Afternoon Program: Guest Speaker: Michaelanne Hathaway, Stache Fabric & Notions in London will give a talk as well as a small trunk show. She will also have some fabrics available for sales. Michaelanne states, "Colour has such a huge impact on the way we feel throughout our everyday activities and yet, we simply just do not pay enough attention. So, this is what I can promise bout my Stache...there will be colour, and lots of it.

Morning Program: 9:00 am. Making a Colour Wheel with fabric.
Hosted by Michaelanne Hathaway.
This is a 25" wall hanging when finished.
Cost: it with all necessary fabrics and instructions is $56.50 (includes tax)
Supplies: Sewing machine & accessories, and a 30" rectangle ruler if you have one.
Michaelanne will be bringing rulers for sale. Also we can all share!!!

Try to be a Rainbow in someone else's cloud!

Notes from June 11, 2018 meeting:

Once again our potluck luncheon was a great success with so much food! It was delicious. I am sure I can speak for everyone that there is no doubt our members can cook. Everyone went home with full tummy and a smile on their face. You can't beat a potluck array of food, can you?

To top off the meal, the members presented our co-presented our co-presidents, Monica and Barb, with a "Thank you" gift consisting of 12" blocks made from the pattern "sidekick" from Missouri Star Co. These blocks were made in jewel-like colours for Monica and quieter more traditional fabrics for Barb. It will be interesting to see how the differences in the colour palette changes the look of the quilt.

Attendance:  Our potluck luncheon was well attended with 32 members.

Treasurer's Report:  Anne Elliott distributed her report via email prior to the meeting which was accepted by the membership as read.

Executive Team: Marion Lane reported that she was able to fill the roster for the executive team for the coming year. It was great to hear that all the positions, except 2nd vice, were filled which showst that our members are willing help out. Anne Wicie agreed to send out a copy of the new executive by email. 

The membership would like to thank the outgoing executive team for the enthusiasm, commitment and effort that made our guild run smoothly month to month. What a wonderful team to work with. We wish to send a warm welcome to our new executive and convenors, and remind them that members are willing to help out whenever possible. We must also recognize the wonderful job that Janet McClure continues to do as our webmaster.

Outreach: Marie Webster reported that there had been 56 quilts given out this year. the number of quilts made by Guild members over the last ten months was 46, and she thanked members for their generosity in providing these. She stated that several quilts are in storage at Lakeshore United Church ready for when the need arises. Marie noted that seeing a smile on another's face when handing them a quilt is a blessing for both the giver and the receiver. It feels good to be able to give!

Batting & Backing: If anyone needs to have batting or backing brought to the September meeting for Habitat or Care quilts, would you please email Monica Mason (monica@hurontel.on.ca) to advise her of your needs no later than Thursday morning, September 5th. We don't usually bring these items to our regular meetings but there may be a pent up need after the summer. Rather than having members go to Lakeshore United Church where the items are stored, they will be brought to the September meeting if the need exists.

Library: No report given. Anyone with suggestions of book titles or subjects of interest is invited to submit them to Liz Wulf (wulfea@hurontel.on.ca) She mentioned that in the coming year , members will no longer be given a library card. She will explain the new method of signing out library boks at the September meeting.

Liz also wished to ask if members should have any quilt books, magazines or patterns they no longer have any need for and are willing to donate, to please bring them to the September or October meetings. These would be greatly appreciated for the upcoming sale in November.

Raffle Quilt: Monica Mason commented on how the raffle quilt tickets being sold by the Museum staff, were going over. Results to come in the Fall.

Habitat for Humanity: A reminder that the quilts for the Habitat for Humanity family need to be completed by the end of September at the latest. So if we want to see them all together, they would need to be brought to the September meeting.

Door Prize and 50/50: The winner of our door prize today was Alice Sikma and Judy Cieslar waked out the door with the takings from the 50/50 draw.

Guild Storage Cupboard: Monica Mason alerted members that our supply cupboard was in need of repair or being replaces. A vote was taken and the decision to repair it was made. This suggestion was moved by Marg Fouts and seconded by Anne Wickie. CARRIED

BOM for 2019-20: Betty Thomasson and Marian Lane volunteered to do a block of the month next season and all they would tell us was "wait and see".

Show and Tell: Another great inspiring show! And you know what? It feels SO GREAT to finish UFO'S and to sew up yards and yards of fabric to build backings and have it out of the stash.

Quilt Show and Sale: November 2 and 3, 2019: Message from Betty Thomasson: I hope everyone is busy (or gets busy!) creating beautiful quilts and quilted items for the Annual Show and Sale at the museum. We need quilts (baby to queen size) and wallhangings to display and sell. These can be sold on consignment or as a donation. Keep those machines humming!! It's always exciting to see all your creations. ore info to come on this event in the Fall.

Fibre Arts Day: Barb Hainsworth informed members that the Huron Tract Spinners & Weavers are planning another "Fibre Arts Information Day" on September 21st, 9 to 2 pm at St. George's Anglican Church on the corner of North St. & Nelson St. in Goderich. Admission is free.

Goderich Quilters' Guild will be once again participating in this event. We have been given a space large enough to demonstrate hand quilting, to show examples of machine quilting, and display care quilts etc. At our September meeting we will be looking for volunteers to help with Friday night set up and Saturday afternoon take down. That may include displaying quilts, laying out our guild information, handouts, upcoming events (sale). Any hand quilters are asked to come out on Saturday, anytime between 9 and 2. It would also be nice if anyone would like to demonstrate any other sewings skills - applique, piecing etc. We will have more discussion on this at our September meeting. If there are any questions before the meeting, please contact Diane Sutton, at drsutton@hurontel.on.ca

Thinking of You Cards: If you know of a member who is ill, has suffered the loss of a loved one or otherwise should be remembered by our Guild for whatever reason, please let Bev VanNinhys (bmninhuys@tcc.on.ca) know so she can send a card from the Guild.

Crafting is good year round, but when you're stuck indoors all winter and nothing sounds better than a warm blanket, quilting has a lot of appeal. It's a practical, creative, and history filled pastime that I know many love. Whether you're a pro or you're just getting started, here are ten tips for modern quilting, courtesy of Jenny Doan - the gifted quilter, instructor, You tube celebrity, and owner of Missouri Star Quilt Company.

1. Always keep your sewing machine in good working condition. Clean it regularly, and have it serviced when needed.

2. It is important to have a sharp rotary blade, as this will prevent cutting accidents. Keep extra blades, needles and thread in your stash.

3. Use quality fabrics. When you use good quality fabric, you can rest assured that your quilts will stand the test of time (and toddler, pets, sunshine, washing machines, etc.)

4. Press to the dark side if possible. That being said, if anyone opens your quilt to check which direction you pressed your seas, they ar not your friend. The most important thing is that your quilt is press and your top is flat.

5. Always use a 1/4 inch seam when quilting. Remember that your 1/4 inch is unique to you. Don't worry if your seams are bigger or smaller than your neighbours, the key is consistency. If your seams are all the same size, your quilt will be perfectly beautiful.

6. Never pre-wash your pre cuts. The will end up a frayed mess. Fabrics have improved in quality so much that we don't need to worry about shrinkage or fading like we used to.

7. The bias is your friend. Bias allows us to work in pieces that may not fit exactly. Take your time, pin at seam intersections, and try not to pull your fabric.

8. Quilting should be fun. Enjoy the journey and remember that if you make a mistake it could just a whole new pattern. Patterns are more like guidelines for creativity rather than strict regulations.

9. Take advantage of You Tube tutorials. They have great tips and tricks you might never hve thought of.

10. One more thing...never eat Cheetos while quilting, unless you have orange fabric!!