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Next meeting is June 12th, 2017 12:30 PM


This is my last President’s message. In many ways these last two years have flown by. It has been quite a ride.

Just over two years ago at my first executive meeting, Carol Egener wondered if we should look into joining the Spinners and Weavers at their annual sale in November. From this seed the idea grew, embraced first by the executive and then enthusiastically by the membership. We have had two outstanding sales and are now preparing for our third. At the first meeting regarding this, Mary Nelson suggested participating in the craft sale at the high school. That, too, was a successful venture. 

This year the executive has decided to focus on the museum sale and not participate in the high school show. It is a very busy competitive market there and it has been hard to find our niche. With that in mind, we will focus our efforts on quality items for the museum. A list of suggestions was compiled which includes smaller articles. These should fulfill some requests we received at our museum sale. The list will be handed out at our June meeting. 

When we add in the raffle of our quilt last summer, we have been a very busy guild. None of this distracted from our focus on helping our community members who find themselves in need of care and the comfort of a quilt. 

I am so thankful to the very able and supportive executive and membership who have assisted me the last two years. I want to thank the outgoing members of the executive — Sharron, who has our face of membership greeting everyone at the door and keeping track of us; Joan, who ensured the “all important” coffee and tea was prepared in a timely manner; Nancy who was a very involved, active and supportive VP; and Eileen, who has managed our finances and books so capably for the past seven and a half years. You have done a consistently awesome job.

A big thanks also to everyone who agreed to stay on the executive in the same position or undertake a new one — Anne W, Betty, Bev, Carol, Clara Anne, Judy, Marie, Marlene, Marg and Sandy.  Our new executive members are co-presidents: Monica Mason and Barb Hainsworth; treasurer: Anne Elliot; membership: Jane Dawson; library: Luz Wulf; and social convenors: Pat Hook and Diane Sutton; social secretary, Bev. But wait, did I miss someone? Oh yes, the positions of Vice President and Second Vice. These are still vacancies. We will discuss more on this at our meeting. 

The past two years have been busy and stimulating. With such a wonderful membership, a president's job is easy. Thanks to everyone for this opportunity. 

In June please remember to bring your library challenge. I can hardly wait to see them. See you for lunch on the 12th. 
Pres. Marian

The last meeting of the year, can you believe it?  Once again, a potluck luncheon was decided upon.  This has always been enjoyed by all as we have a lot of great chefs amongst our membership. So, you are asked to put on your chef hats, open those cook books and surprise us with your favourite dish. It is up to you as to what you care to share!

You will need to bring napkins, plates, utensils, cups and a serving utensil, if it is required to serve up your addition to the meal. We will be eating first before the meeting. So be sure to join us with your appetites intact ready to be nourished.

Afternoon Program:   Marilyn Brocklebank’s Trunk Show
Morning Program:   Canada 150th wallhanging or placemat – Please be set up & ready to start at 9:30 a.m. sharp.

Supply List: Background fabric 13" x 15"
Red fabrics- 2 pieces 5"x7" for leaf & 2 strips 1½" x width of fabric of each of 5 fabrics (total of ten 1½" strips). You can use less variety- at least 3 fabrics but total of 10 strips.
Wonder-under or heat and bond lite - 9" square; Batting 14" x 18"; Backing 14" x 18"

Red thread and thread to match background, rotary cutter and ruler (guild has mats), sewing machine and regular sewing supplies.

Notes from the May 8/17 meeting:

Bev Van Ninhuys was asked if she would chair today’s meeting. She opened the meeting by giving a big welcome to Margaret Ross who was visiting from Australia. Margaret had spent a year in Clinton while her husband was an exchange teacher and she joined our guild for the year at that time. Bev also welcomed 3 other guests who were joining us today.

IPM Quilt Show: First on the agenda was a rundown of the upcoming Quilt Show at the IPM this year. Dora Mote attended our meeting to inform everyone regarding this show and called for volunteers to help – many volunteers are needed. A great quilt display to take in! Try not to miss it. This is a wonderful opportunity to showcase your quilting skills to a large and enthusiastic audience. For special arrangements or more information, call Linda O’Rourke at 519-527-1035 or google Quilt Competition IPM 2017.
All entries will be displayed during the Quilt Show held August 19 - 20, 2017 at the Seaforth. Community Centre, where judging will take place and prizes will be awarded.  The quilts will then be exhibited in the Lifestyles Area at the Huron County International Plowing Match and Rural Expo from September 19 to 23, 2017.

: The total count of members attending today was twenty-five plus four guests.

Treasurer’s Report: After Eileen Wroot reported on the bank balance, she informed us that she would be stepping down as treasurer at the end of her term this year. Eileen has looked after the books for the Guild ever since 2009 – 7½years!  We were so lucky to have her and I am certain that I speak for everyone – that is dedication and she will be missed. Thank you, thank you, Eileen!

Remember to take care of yourself. You can’t pour from an empty cup.

Afternoon Trunk Show – Susan Bowslaugh: Susan took us through her quilting journey which led her to “modern” quilting. She began with a love of traditional quilting patterns but eight years ago, found herself being drawn to the distinct style - with sleek, simple & colourful lines - of the modern era of today’s quilting. She enjoys the wonky blocks with no matching seams, the short time to complete, and the stand alone element of these designs. Another plus, Susan  stated that the large negative spaces you find in a modern quilt allows for intricate hand or machine quilting that she describes as wild and exciting – all of which she revealed in the wonderful pieces displayed in her trunk show.

Door Prize & 50/50 Draw:  Liz Wulf was the lucky recipient of the door prize and Diane Chalmers left the building with the cash she won from the 50/50 draw – off to the casino, I am sure!

Care Quilt Block: Marg Fouts had put together kits for members to complete a “string” block as the care quilt block for this month. This block is to be done in “spring colours”. Included in our kit was a mauve strip that is to be the center strip on each block. The kit also contained a 10.5” foundation square on which to sew your strips.

Quilt Label: I happened to come across this quilt label while browsing facebook- Can anyone relate? In case you can’t read it, it says “Marley, This took freaking forever so you’d better pretend to love it.  Stay warm and cozy. Love Nonnie 2016.”

Outreach: Carol Egener reported that she has now received the labels for the care quilts so if any member is in need of one, please contact her (519-524-6806 or caroegen@cabletv.on.ca). 

Gathering of the Guild: Although there were no updates to this event, Bev asked the membership to share any suggestions they may have. The committee is looking for any new ideas in order to make this a special event.

Habitat for Humanity: Monica Mason reported that the quilt for the parents of the five children whom we are planning to supply with quilts was coming along beautifully although three blocks were still outstanding. She hoped to receive these this week so that she is able to finish the top before the June meeting. Liz Wulf offered to bind and label it. 

Slab Blocks for CQA: Betty Thomasson reported that she had delivered 76 blocks to London to the CQA group of volunteers who will complete them into a quilt for the Ronald MacDonald Houses across Canada. Not bad for our small guild. I am sure that the kids will love them. It will be interesting to see how many quilts get made. I understand the response has been wonderful.

Show & Tell: Another terrific display of quilts and quilty items that reaffirms the wonderful talents of our members.

New Executive:  Discussion occurred regarding the new executive needed for the upcoming two-year term – 2017-19. For several of the positions, members have consented to remaining on for another term. Monica Mason offered to take on the president’s role if someone else is prepared to be a co-president with her. The good news is that there were members who volunteered for most of the remaining positions. With the combination of new and returning members to the executive, it is sure to be a productive team. 

Library: Judy MacMillan reminded members to be sure not to forget to bring their “Library Challenge” project, She also asked members to check in their stash of books at home for any forgotten Guild library books as there are several missing ones.

Tip of the month:
Have you heard the story about the woman that every time she makes a roast she cuts off the ends because that’s the way she saw her mother cook it?  The truth was the mother had too small of a cooking pan and cut the ends to accommodate.
Sewing can be like this too.  You’re taught or observe someone doing something and figure that’s the way to do it.  But there are some sewing and quilting habits that could be hindering your sewing experience.  Here are habits we recommend quitting:

1. Not organizing your fabric scraps:
Will you ever use fabric scraps if you can’t even tell what you have?  Our favorite thing is to organize scraps by colors.  If you don’t have them organized, you might as well throw them out because they won’t be used and they’re taking up precious space!

2. Overly criticizing your work:
Do you nit-pick and over analyze your stitches and points?  Stop it.  Seriously, just stop.  You’re not doing anyone any favors and especially yourself by trash talking.  Why not celebrate that you actually made time to sew?  Congratulate that you finished a project.  Be happy that you created something that didn’t exist before.  That’s pretty cool.

3. Cutting the same place on your mat:  
Want a quick way to wear out your mat?  Always cut at the same place.  Mats need time to heal. 

4. Not maintaining your machine:
Clean your machine regularly.  Change the needle when you see stitch quality decrease or hear a gentle thud sound.  Take your machine to the mechanic once in a while.  Be good to your machine and she’ll be good to you!

5. Not completing your projects:
Having too many unfinished projects is discouraging.  If you find you have a project you started, but haven’t returned to in years, probably you’re discouraged or simply not interested.  This is a great opportunity to donate your half-done project to your guild or a friend who might love a head start on a new project!

6. Unthreading the machine incorrectly:
When you change a spool color, the first thing we normally do is just pull the spool off the machine and pull the thread backwards through the tension discs.  Easy?  Yes.  Bad for your machine? Yes.  Time to break the habit and cut the thread at the spool and pull it out through the needle.

7. Using dull cutting tools:
This is a no brainer, but sometimes you just hope our rotary cutter will make it a few more squares or that the frayed fabric edges from your shears aren’t that bad.  Sewing is much easier with crisp edges and saves a lot of time and frustration.
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