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Goderich Quilter's Guild
Cutting Edge Newsletter
Next meeting is Monday, September 10th, 1 pm. (Please note the time change)

Welcome back for another year of quilting. We hope everyone had a good summer with lots of relaxation and "warm" weather. We also hope you have been busy in your sewing rooms as our November "Show and Sale" will be here in the blink of an eye.

For various reasons, a number of you were unable to be with us much of last year. We hope you are on the mend and we look forward to welcoming you back into the fold.

We have seen a preview of our Program and it looks like an interesting year to come. Janet's assignment of finding new programs is not an easy one and she has made a great start so please support her efforts by attending as many meetings as you are able.

Goderich quilters will be helping the Spinners and Weavers celebrate their 40th Anniversary at the Livery on September 8 from 9 am to 5 pm. We will be demonstrating hand quilting and piecing. Please come and visit and maybe add a stitch or two.

Please note that there has been a change to or meeting start time, it is now 1:00 pm at the Legion.
Monica and Barb.

Afternoon Speaker: Linda Soldan will give a talk about a project for women and girls that she is involved with in South Africa. Her group sew much needed reusable sanitary napkins made from cotton. Linda will inform us all about the project and how we can help out with our sewing skills. It is always wonderful to hear about a worthwhile task to undertake that is within our expertise!

Morning Program: 9 am.: The morning will be open to anyone who wishes to bring their machines and sew on any project they wish, i.e. care quilts or your own personal project. If you would like to catch up on everyones's summer, come on in and chat - a "stitch and bitch" so to speak!

Note: The executive made a few changes from last year and these will be highlighted in red.

Membership for 2018/19: $45.00/year - exact change would be appreciated or a cheque made payable to Goderich Quilter's Guild. This makes the registration process go so much easier.

Our membership privileges (included in our annual fee) cover the following:

-Hall rental at the Legion
-Programs/Trunk Shows (cost of speakers, mileage etc.)
-Block-of-the-Month patterns and other patterns (care quilts, challenges, etc.)
-Monthly Newsletter
-Access to our extensive library and stencils/patterns/rulers - come early to enable you enough time to peruse our books.
-Name tags (one time only); new members will be given a name tag within 2 months of joining the Guild.
-Fee for maintaining website -Janet McClure, Webmaster

Morning Mini-Workshops or Personal Sewing Projects: Held at 9 am on the morning of the Guild meeting. No quilt police allowed!!! A learning environment is a no judge zone.

Visitors are welcome at any of our guild meetings. Fee is $7.00 for all visitors/guests which will be put towards their membership if they decide to join. We love to see new faces, so please encourage your friends and acquaintances to visit to see what we are all about. A quilt group is filled with inspiration and it is this inspiration that fills a quilting soul with excitement!

Inclement Weather: In case of inclement weather, a decision to cancel the meeting will be made by the President. Emails will be sent out a.s.a.p., so please check your emails first thing in the morning of the meeting. If you do not have an email address, you will get a phone call.

Don't forget: If you do not have an email address and want to receive the monthly newsletter, please bring (10) self addressed envelopes, stamped envelopes (regular postage is all that is needed) and give these to Anne Wickie or Jane Dawson. Also for returning members, fi there is any change in your address, email address or telephone number, please write it down and give it to Jane at the reception table so that the membership list can be updated. I have been told that as of October 1st, mail will not be delivered unless you include your 911 number in the address. Your mail will be returned to sender. So anyone who this refers to, please let Anne or Jane know this number to add to the membership list also.

As I say every year, since this is a new quilting season, Let's try to wear our name tags.
You know that most of us can't seem to recall names!!

Notes from June 11, 2018 meeting:

Once again our potluck luncheon was a great success with a fabulous meal! As I had previously reported the UFO team, the Energizer Bunnies, were the chefs for this meal and they outdid themselves with a wonderful selection of "goodies'. We comment every year that we should comprise a cookbook, but ...maybe next year.

Attendance: There were 31 members who enjoyed the afternoon and the lunch.

Treasurer's Report: Anne Elliott emailed the financial statement to members prior to the meeting and sought out a response from the membership. No errors or omissions were reported, although she did point out how the bak balance is down a little each year.

Executive Team: Marion Lane reported that she was able to fill the roster for the for the executive team for the coming year. It was great to hear that all positions, except 2nd vice, were filled which shows that our members are willing to help out. Anne agreed to send out a copy of the new executive by email.

Outreach: Marie Webster has submitted a report from the records dating back to 2002.
According to her calculations, the Guild has given out 509 quilts over the years. Most of the original recipients were dealing with health issues, but the shift in recent years has been to organizations, i.e. the Women's Shelter, CAS, Salvation Army Christmas Bureau, Room to Grow, and Maple Tree Affordable Housing, as will as Habitat for Humanity.  Fifteen large bed quilts were donated to three Habitat for Humanity families - 5 in 2008, 4 in 2013 and 6 in 2018. Also the Alzheimer Society was given 40 touch quilts from our group.

On two occasions the proceeds from our "Toonie Table" at our quilt shows in 2009 and 2012 were donated to the Goderich One Care Program. Overall, I think this record is quite impressive for such a small guild!!!

Starting small is still starting. Just start!!!

Library: No report given, but Liz Wulf has an up date from the executive meeting in August. It was decided to reduce the number of books in our guild library. The plan is to go through the books before the first meeting and offer them for sale at the meeting on September 10th.  The cost would be a "bargain basement" price of $2.00. Proceeds from the sale would go back to purchase newer works. Anyone with suggestions of titles or subjects of interest is invited to submit them to Liz wulfea@hurontel.on.ca

Care Quilt Block: Marlene Mooy circulated the care quilt block to be handed in at the September meeting. This block is called "Simplex Star". Members were given two 41/2" floral print squares to use for the half square triangles. A cream or cream tone-on-tone is to be used for the background. The colour for the 4 corner squares are to be any colour found in the floral print.

Door Prizes and 50-50:  Nancy Ridder won the door prize this month and Barb Hainsworth went on holiday with the 50-50 winnings (I wonder how far she got?)

Thinking of You Cards:  Janet MacDonald, the new executive of programming, asked if membrs would fill out a questionnaire giving her ideas/interests of what they would like to see take place next year. She circulated a questionnaire and I hope that members were able to give her suggestions. Betty Thomasson had already booked Anita Zobens, Superior Threads, to be our guest speaker at the October meeting on October 1st....don't forget!

On Tuesday, October 2nd, Anita will be doing a 6 hour workshop called "Applique Buffet". Have a taste of various machine applique' techniques and sample some new products that are available to simplify the process. Learn turned edge, invisible and fused decorative methods. Threads make all the difference and we will have the use of yummy threads by Superior to play with. A stress free day focussing on process rather than project. You will have samples of all the techniques for future use instead of another UFO. Class notes and DVD provided. Every quilter/sewer should take this even if applique' is not your "thing".

October 2nd at 9:30 to 3:30 at Lakeshore Untied Church on North St. Fee is $45-$65 depending on enrolment (a steal of a deal either way.) Betty will need a commitment and payment at the meeting on September 10th.

The Best Teacher is your mistake.

Show and Tell:  What a lot of inspiration we get from our show and tell segment at theses monthly meetings, although I feel it would be advantageous to us if more information on how members accomplished their achievements (just saying) was given. Marie Webster displayed a beautiful "barn" quilt that she is donating to the upcoming quilt show and sale where monies ae raised to continue the guild's work in the community.

Goderich Art Gallery:  Jane Dawson suggested the idea that we look into acquiring a space in the Goderich Art Gallery where we could display (and possibly sell) a few small artistic items. Unfortunately, there was no interest  for this venture at the moment. This could be revisited at a later date.

She also informed members that Kevin from Embroidery 'n Sew On (beside the Livery) was arranging to host a "Fibre Arts Day" on September 8th, 9-5 p.m., with the Spinners and Weavers, and invited the Guild to take part.

"Difficult" is only a label from your own point of view.

Quilt Show and Sale: November 3 & 4, 2018:  Betty Thomasson reported that plans are now underway. The Committee overseeing this event are Beth Wark, Marian Lane, Linda Aitken, Nancy Ridder and Marlene Mooy. Members will be informed when more information is available.

Update: The November show and sale is fast approaching. Hopefully all you quilters have been working on items for sale. If not, there's still time! If you have finished items already, you can bring them to the September meeting and Betty will collect them and store them in our care quilt room at LUC. Note: Would those who volunteered to be on the committee please let Betty know the list has been lost and she wouldn't want anyone left out who wants a job! In the meantime, keep sewing!!

Gathering of the Guilds: Huron Perth Quilters' Guild is celebrating its 35th anniversary with a "Gathering of the Guilds" at Kirkton Woodham Community Centre. Features guest speaker Mary Pal, plus show and share, door prizes, vendors, and refreshments. Everyone is welcome.

Date: October18th
Time: 1:00 pm
Location: 70497 Road 164 Kirkton, Ontario
Contact: Sharon Straus 519-200-8450 sharonstraus@hotmail.com