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Monday, May 10th, 2021. 1:00 pm

It is hard to believe that it is already May.  We were teased by some beautiful warm weather earlier but, as I write this, the wind is blowing and it is promising rain (hopefully not snow).  I am so glad at these times that I can go up into my sewing room and see all the cheery colours of fabric, threads and quilts.

At the end of April, along with a number of other guild members, I attended the Zoom workshop: ‘Quilting with the Walking foot’. It was excellent.  Thank you program committee for making it available to us.

I have used the walking foot for a long time but it was a pleasure to learn even more.  Melissa Marginet`s book that we used for the workshop is informative but she gave us a lot of tips on how to easily do these patterns on large quilts. She also discussed other general quilting tips. You could tell she has done a number of these workshops with Zoom by the polished presentation.  I missed the in-person socializing aspect--we couldn't share Janet MacDonald`s pie LOL--but it was still good to learn alongside others. Looking forward to future workshops the guild may hold.

Remember to read the newsletter thoroughly.  Most of the information will not be brought up at the meeting unless someone has questions.

See you May 10th.

Afternoon. Program  - 1:00 p.m :  Bill Stearman –“Backpack Show” – Bill’s quilts make bold statements, i.e. “I doubt that these quilts and their stories, will remind you of your Grandmother’s quilts! I’m just a guy who likes to make quilts…….and tell stories. Every day is an adventure as I try new things. Like the rest of life it seems, what can be done in quilt making is limited only by my imagination.
What an incredibly exciting journey!”

Morning Program: -  Monday, May 31 @ 9:30 - 11:00 a.m.:  Bring your own projects and visit. Feel free to come even if you don't have a project to work on and visit.


Notes from April 12, 2021 Meeting: 

Nancy Ridder opened the meeting welcoming the group and sent a special welcome to our new member Deb Mousseau. 

Nancy then commented on the outcome of the President’s Challenge this year– quilted postcards. She reported that there were 13 members who contributed which resulted in 37 postcards being delivered to the residents of Community Living by Suzanne Anderson. A draw was made and Nancy announced the winner -  Alice Sikma. A big thank you was given to all the participants who made this challenge a huge success.

Attendance: There were 31 members who attended today’s meeting. Please add this addition to your membership list: Deb Mousseau, 118 Winter Court, Box 1831, Clinton, N0M 1L0, dcmousseau@gmail.com

Treasurer’s Report: This report had been sent out prior to the meeting and accepted as read by the membership.

Morning Program: Our guest speaker, Helen Martin, had difficulty with her microphone,  but fortunately her presentation had been pre-recorded. Questions and answers were handled with her via phone which worked out fine.

Helen had many quilts from the 1800s and was very knowledgeable about the era of the fabrics and she used this knowledge to date her quilts. It was very interesting to hear about her collection of vintage/antique quilts and see her pictures. And I am sure that many of us gained an insight into how to spot a vintage quilt. Helen answered a lot of questions presented to her from the members. I am sure that we could have discussed the subject with her all afternoon.

Block of the Month: The BOM for this month was a 12” block of a Quilt Shoppe. This pattern was emailed to the membership prior to the meeting. I wrote the sign on my block as “Quilt Shoppe” but now I wish I had put “Quilters’ By The Square” as it would have been a keepsake of our lovely store – Boy do I miss it! Maybe I’ll “unsew” and put the proper name on it. What do you think?

Marie Webster had completed her block of the month and was able to show it to the members – super job!. Two more patterns to go and then we might even see a finished quilt shortly after that date. Marie, I am putting my money on you.

Show & Tell: The postcards from the President’s Challenge were the first to be shown. Members imaginations were on display with a fabulous array of postcards. Good job everyone! We were also shown a number of vintage quilts submitted by members.

Don’t forget that your pictures for May’s show & tell segment are to be sent to Nancy at nancy@ridder.ca 

Outreach: Marie Webster reports that with extra time to quilt during the many lock downs this year, we have been able to spend more time quilting. Thanks to those who have donated the 73 care quilts so far. Carol Reed and Lori Chalmers have been willing long arm quilters for several of these quilts.  Thanks girls.  June 1st is the last day to donate care quilts and have your name in a draw at the June meeting.  All quilts are delivered to Monica Mason, who also has the necessary labels to go on care quilts.  Betty Thomasson collects the quilts from Monica and takes them to our storage room at Lakeshore Church. These quilts are available, to give to someone in need.  If you are aware of anyone who would benefit from a quilt, please contact Betty and she will see that you get one to deliver to that person. Marie keeps records on all quilts in and out so it’s important to complete the paper ticket with the quilt label. We have given out 75 quilts to those in the community this guild year. Thanks for bringing a smile to these 75 people.

Door Prize: This month’s winner of the door prize was Nancy Ridder. Congratulations!

Other: Lori Chalmers offered to make up a spreadsheet consisting of pictures, along with the names of each member. Therefore, she requested that everyone take a selfie and send it to her so she is able to compose this spreadsheet. It would be nice to be able to put a face to the name of the person sending out an email.

Break Out Rooms: Members were allotted a ten-minute get together in separate “breakout rooms” where you were able to have a short conversation with a few members. This takes the place of our “break” at a normal meeting, but somehow I miss the yummy snacks along with the coffee! Making your own coffee and drinking it by yourself does not quite “do it”.

Tip of the of the Month: 

Quilt Stories from the Museum of Texas Tech University:
How Important is a Label?

Labels Trump Any Dirt 

This stunning quilt came to the museum recently as one of ten offered to the Museum by someone who had cleaned out an estate in nearby Plainview, Texas. The first thing the donor said on the phone was that the quilts were “dirty”. The second thing she said was that they all came with “stories.” What she meant was that almost every quilt had a label attached documenting who made it and where. Labels trump any dirt in a curator’s mind! I definitely wanted to see them. The quilts did not disappoint, six of the group are proposed to enter the Museum’s collection.

All the quilts came with a similar written label composed in a similar hand. Bless the person who took the time to write the information on muslin and baste it to the back of the quilts! As can be seen from the label, the family called this Four Points.

It appears that the block may have been pieced from the middle out, adding triangles and rectangles as one worked out. This quilt got to my attention because of the label. This is an example of how important it is to take that last step and put a label on a quilt you make or one you inherit. Six quilts, documenting the work of a woman from rural Texas, will soon find their home in a museum because someone took the time to label her quilts.