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Monday, September 21st-A virtual meeting.

Welcome to a new season. A new season during these new normal, ever changing days. I am looking forward to visit with everyone and discuss quilting with people that also enjoy this craft. 

Do you love learning new things like I do? I seek out new methods and challenges. There are so many ways of piecing and quilting that it will take my lifetime to try them all and decide if I like doing it enough to get good at it. I personally don't seek to do new things technologically just for the sake of something new, like I do with quilting. But I do like the challenge of trying new ways of technology if I need to accomplish something. 

In this vein, in order for us to continue to "meet" with each other, the executive has decided to do a trial meeting virtually on Zoom. As the pandemic policies change, we will re-visit, likely in January, how to do future meetings. We want to keep everyone safe. Please don't shy away from this experience. Look at it as if you were trying a new quilting technique. Turn anxiety into excitement. Don't hesitate to ask for help. Sarah Turgolvi is a relatively new member and our new treasurer. She has gladly offered to host the Zoom meeting. She plans on sending detailed information on how to do this.

This September meeting will be a trial meeting.  It will be mainly a social meeting to catch up with each other. A Block of the Month will be presented. There will be door prizes. Show and Tell will be delayed until October meeting.  We want to take baby steps.

There will be no membership fees.  We may have speakers and even workshops through the year.  If we do, there will be a fee for these meetings.  We still do not have a program director to take charge of this.  The executive has decided that a 3-person committee would be easier to bounce ideas on and spread the load.  Betty Thomasson has volunteered to be on the committee but not lead it.  Another chance for you to try a new challenge.  Let us know if you are interested.

The first meeting will be the third Monday of September, Sept 21 at 1:00 pm.  Note the date change.   Information about how we will do the other parts of quilt guild will be presented in this newsletter as well as in the Sept meeting.

See you all in September.


A Virtual meeting with the assistance of ZOOM

Usually I have notes from the last meeting in June to report on but due to Covid-19, this meeting didn’t take place therefore I have nothing to report except hoping that everyone is fine and raring to begin again. But I am able to report on the outcome of the Executive meeting in August with the decisions made at that time at an attempt to begin the year and keep us together. Anne

Future Meetings: To start with, please take note that the first meeting is to be on the third Monday September  (Sept. 21st ) instead of our usual second Monday of the month. Unfortunately, Nancy Ridder is unable to host a meeting on the 14th of Sept. The decision of holding meetings virtually using Zoom was agreed upon. Our Sept. meeting will be the first trial of this method and will be more of a social experiment to see how we get along with this format. We will revise it as the pandemic policies change. — Foreign to you? Well, fear not, Sarah Turvolgyi will be preparing some user tips for this program for members which will be sent out before the meeting date. The program ZOOM will have to be installed on your computer.

Treasurer’s Report: The financial statement of 2019-20 was approved as submitted. A decision to forego our membership fees for this year was made. Although if there is a speaker or workshop arranged, there will be a fee charged for that. Most of the budget items for the year were entered as $0.00 with a few exceptions. Also we will not be renewing our membership with the CQA and Ontario Quilters’ Guild for this term.

An amount of $200 was set aside to offset the virtual meeting costs. The executive agreed that the generous donations from the estates of former members will be used in the form of door prizes. Betty Thomasson & Peggy Allin will be responsible for this.

Program: At the time of the Executive meeting, no one had stepped forward to head this position. Ideas were put forth such as co-leaders or possibly a team? It was decided to approach our program position in a new way by establishing a Program Committee (ideally a group of 3) who would plan and co-ordinate our speakers, teachers etc. Betty Thomasson (a former Program Chair and a very well connected quilter) offered to sit on this committee, and we are hoping that perhaps two of our newer members might find this an interesting opportunity. 

Although we won’t be having in-person meetings until at least January 2021, we would like to have the Program Committee investigate the possibility of some virtual speakers or classes. If you have any questions or, even better, would like to volunteer to be on this committee, please contact either Betty  or Monica Mason . We Need You!

Outreach: Marie Webster, our outreach co-ordinator, believes that many of you have been busy making care quilts during these different days.  If you have made a quilt and know of someone who could use one,  whether due to illness or just to provide  a smile to their day,  please give it to them.  Email her  the information located on the paper tag that goes on each quilt as well as the name of the recipient and she will add the info to our records.

Our collection of quilts is at Lakeshore Church.  If you need a care quilt, please contact Betty Thomasson and she will arrange with you to select one at the church. Completed care quilts (with the label and paper tag) can be taken to Monica Mason’s home and she will collect them at this time.  Monica will also have labels available for those who need quilt labels.

If you have completed any care quilts since March, please send me an email to indicate how many, the size they are and whether for male or female. We are hoping to provide quilts for some of the homeless folks in our community. Twin size or large laptop quilts suitable for men are most needed.

There is part of a roll of batting left on a first come first served basis. This is at Monica’s house.   No backing is available.  Due to the lack of income for the guild this year, we will not be ordering more batting or backing. You can either keep quilt tops on hold until supplies are available or complete the quilt from your own stash.  Fleece can be used and makes a nice warm quilt with less expense. FYI: Marlene Mooy and Monica Mason have offered to store extra quilts.

Thanks for the generosity of many of our members who willing sew and share their talents.  

Marie is looking forward to hearing from you with a count of care quilts.

Library:  Please be advised that until such time that the membership can meet in person, the library will be “ in pause”. Even though we are unable to access our materials, it was decided by the executive that all items borrowed during our last session should be returned before they go AWOL. Anyone having books, magazines or rulers on loan, please contact Liz Wulf and make arrangements for their return. Thank you for your cooperation.

Block of the Month - “There’s No Place like Home – Pattern attached as a separate file.  Marian Lane and Betty Thomsson were struck with how important our homes have become during this pandemic. Therefore,  they decided on the above theme for 2020/2021 Block of the Month. Each month we will feature a house block, 6” finished or 12” finished, so they will all fit together in the end, starting this month with a schoolhouse. The blocks will all be yours to assemble in some way at the end of the year. We are expecting some very creative layouts. So pick a colourway or a common background, and start creating!  Email or phone Betty if you have any questions about the September block. 

Quilt Show & Sale  2020: After much discussion, the executive has decided to cancel our November sale this year, due to uncertainty of public health rules this fall around gatherings and use of rental space. Good thing quilts don’t have a shelf life- we can keep adding to our piles till next year for a fabulous 2021 show and sale!  Keep those machines humming, quilters!  Our creative outlets will keep our outlook positive, as well as our minds and hands busy. 

Betty Thomasson

Show & Tell: During this Covid period, members who have a quilt to show can photograph it and submit the photo. These will be viewed in a powerpoint presentation (One Drive) at the virtual meeting. Members may or may not want to talk about their quilt during this process at the meeting. This will be started at the October meeting. 

Nancy Ridder

Newsletter: Until we can partake in an actual meeting, members will be asked for submissions to our newsletter. This will be a help to Anne Wickie and Barb Hainsworth.

Cards of Condolences:  A reminder - If you have knowledge of any member who is not well or any other reason a card of condolence should be sent, please inform Bev VanNinhuys. 

Judy MacMillan’s Quilt -There is no better therapy than doing good for someone!

This is a beautiful quilt that Judy had completed and was attempting to hand quilt it, but found that it was just more than she could handle at the time. So Judy approached the quilters at Holmesville, a group that she had belonged to a few years ago, to quilt it for her. This group agreed and it was put into the quilt frame July 2019. The quilting had to be put on hold in March until July of this year due to the coronavirus pandemic. The quilting began again in July and the group completed it on Aug 18th. Judy’s family will be so thrilled to receive it as it is Judy’s first ‘applique’ quilt.

Hand Quilted By: Beverley VanNinhuys, Joan Merner, Clara Anne Jewell, Lori Chalmers, Helen Roorda, Anne Colclough, Diane Sutton, Marian Lane, and Val Crawford 

Places to Go; Quilts to See  None to report on at this time.  As a three-year-old little girl in a video I was just watching said “The whole world has shut-down, even MacDonald’s and the ice cream truck --- I don’t like it!” 

Can you relate?