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Monday, April 12th, 2021. 1:00 pm

"How do you eat an elephant? -- one bite at a time".   That is what we told our children when they were overwhelmed by a project or studying.  It is what I mutter to myself when I have too much to do.

I thought about this in relation to quilting.  When I was first starting to quilt, I would see the end result and think how hard and how much time it would take.   However, once you start a quilt, and eat a section one bite at a time, you are suddenly done.  Some sections are easier to "chew" and others are hard or take a long time.  Some quilts are bigger elephants than others!

I also read that the answer to the question of how do you eat an elephant, is to have a party and everyone digs in!  That happens in quilt circles as well.  We join together to make a care quilt together, to hand quilt a quilt or run a guild. 

Thank you to all the people that help keep this guild running smoothly. as well as to the members that have stepped up to help by accepting a position in the guild executive.  The guild is still in need of a Vice President.  If you feel moved to join the executive, let Monica Mason or myself know.


Afternoon. Program  - 1:00 p.m :    Helen Martin - Vintage Quilts & Their StoriesShe has been a member of the City Quilters’ Guild in Guelph for thirty years.  

Helen has a few particular loves when it comes to quilting - she loves applique, hand-stitching heirloom quilts for her family, and she especially loves saving and collecting old quilts along with their stories. In her collection, she has about 100 quilts, tops and sets of blocks plus as many stories.

Bio: My quilting adventure began in 1972 when our nephew was being married. We had three small children and very little money. Because I so enjoyed sewing, making a quilt was the perfect gift. My love of hand stitching was evident from the beginning in this hand appliqued quilt. Eventually this led to making several totally hand stitched quilts, both pieced and appliqued.


Synopsis: Gathering quilts started 45 years ago when I brought five quilts and one top home while cleaning out my husband's parent's house. But, gathering their stories really began when my mother told me the story of her wedding quilt. During my presentation, you will see quilts from circa 1800 to 2020 and hear their stories:  the great grandmother smoking her corn cob pipe; the young woman being denied passage on the Titanic; the old lady coming with the farm, among others.

Morning Program: - April 26th  @ 9:30:- 11:00 a.m.: To gather and work on your own projects.

Notes from March 8, 2021 Meeting:

Nancy Ridder opened the meeting by reminding members of the President’s Challenge – fabric postcards. She encouraged everyone to be sure to make at least one but if you have the time and enthusiasm to make more, they would be appreciated by the residents at Community Living. Suzanne Anderson will be collecting these and asks members to deliver them to her home at 49 Trafalgar St. (turn west off Victoria and it’s the fourth house with the “turquoise” door). If she is not home please leave them in the mailbox. The deadline is April 10th /11th so that Suzanne is able to report on the number of postcards at the next meeting April 12th. Don’t forget to take a picture of your postcards and attached a note with your name on a piece of paper before dropping them off. Then send the picture to Edna Keown  whatsupdock229@gmail.com for the show & share segment of our Zoom meeting on April 12th. 

Attendance: Twenty-five members took part in today’s meeting.  Please update your membership list by adding these new addresses:

Patti Cox:   245 Queen St., Kincardine, N2Z 2S6,

Martha Riesberry:   21-590 Bearinger Road, Waterloo,  N2L6C4. 

Suzanne Anderson:   49 Trafalgar St., Goderich, N7A 1T3 

Treasurer’s Report: This report had been sent out prior to the meeting and read by the membership.

Unfortunately, the treasurer was unable to attend, therefore discussion did not take place.

Constitution: Nancy Ridder submitted a draft of the Constitution & Job Descriptions for members on which a vote was taken. This was sent out prior to the meeting which gave members an opportunity to read and study the changes so they were aware of them. Therefore an informed decision on whether to accept or decline the changes was made.

Edna Keown prepared a practice poll on the motion beforehand so members knew exactly what to do. 1st Motion - Accept the Constitution as presented by Nancy Ridder and seconded by Marian Lane. 

2nd Motion – Accept Task List/Job Descriptions by Nancy Ridder and seconded by Monica Masson.


Morning Program: A stimulating tour of sewing rooms was given by five members – Monica Mason, Liz Wulf, Nancy Ridder, Janet MacDonald, and Edna Keown. Members put a lot of thought and energy into the presentation for the tour of their work space/sewing rooms. This was quite an inspiring experience which left members in “awe” of these surroundings. Thanks to all those that participated – you can be sure that members were left with a lot of ideas of how to arrange their own sewing rooms. It was amazing to hear that a lot of husbands had partaken in the sewing room setups with their wonderful workshop skills. 

Block of the Month:  Marian Lane circulated March’s B.O.M. prior to the meeting. It was a 12.5” block called “Cabin In the Woods”. Another cute pattern to add to the previous six buildings that went before it. It would be nice if ideas for several different arrangements for completing our quilt could be shared with us, as some of us don’t have creative imaginations – just saying.

Outreach/Care Quilts: Nancy Ridder reminded everyone of the draws for members who have made care quilts during the pandemic. There will be two draws. For each care quilt handed in by June 1st, members names will be entered into the draw which is to be drawn at our meeting June 8th. Please note - the last day to submit a quilt for this draw is June 1st.

Show & Tell: Regardless of the epidemic, lives still go on and many of our members showed us how prolific and creative they were with an impressive array of quilts that had been produced while isolated in their homes. Our creative hobbies sure do play an intricate part in our well-being! How many of us forget about Covid while playing/creating in our sewing rooms? Judging from the morning tours, we certainly have inspirational rooms to spend our “spare” time in. We can count ourselves very lucky.

Please note - Request from Ednawhatsupdoc229@gmail.com : If members have any vintage quilts (anything prior to 1980) could they send a photo to her to add to this month's Show and Tell along with recent finishes.  She would like the photos by 6:00 pm Saturday April 10th . 

President’s Challenge: This is to wrap up at the April meeting with a draw of names. I hope that everyone has delivered or made arrangements to have their postcard(s) delivered to Suzanne Anderson, 49 Trafalgar St. in Goderich before the April meeting. And I also hope that members have remembered to take a photo and submit it to Edna Keown for our Show & Tell.

Door Prize:  The lucky person to win today’s door prize was Janet MacDonald. But with these meetings being virtual, we don’t get to see the winner skipping out the door with prize in hand. 

In Memoriam: It is with sadness that our deepest sympathies are sent to Betty Thomasson on the death of her loving father, Peter Vancook. You are in our hearts and thoughts, Betty – whatever memory makes you smile the most, may you hold that closest to your heart.


Marlene Mooy encouraged members to be sure to check out our Facebook page and try to post new items in order to make this page interesting and to keep members coming back. Thank you for providing this page. There are quite a few of us “non-techy” people who are not sure of how to post anything – maybe a little instruction on this would help, if possible?

Upcoming Workshop:  Don’t forget, the workshop with Melissa Marginet titled ‘Modern Quilting with your Walking Foot’ will be held April 29th. Contact Betty Thomasson if you have any questions –brubet@hurontel.on.ca 

Places to Go, Quilts to See...  Did you enjoy the virtual trunk show that was circulated among members? Sorry. but it is the only thing I could find that might come close to an actual trunk show!

Tip of the Month – 12wt Thread:


Here are some tips for sewing with 12wt thread in the bobbin:

12wt thread is a very thick thread. For my first experience with it, I chose to free-motion quilt this quilt. The thread is Aurifil. While quilting this quilt, I learned how helpful the Jeans needle is. Since then, this needle type is the only one I use for quilting and for sewing bags. It is easier to use this thread for a straight line quilting done with the walking foot.use the walking foot

  • use 40wt thread in the needle
  • use Jeans needles 18/110 (or 16/100)
  • tighten the tension of the top thread, loosen the tension of the bobbin thread 
  • increase the size of the stitch (3.0 or 3.5 mm)
  • test the tension setting on a scrap before starting to sew your project