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Monday, November 9th, 2020. 1:00 pm

Hello fellow quilters.  As we progress through the year, the Zoom meetings will continue improving. Last month many of us lost energy as the meeting progressed.  Zoom meeting fatigue is real. It is tiring to make eye contact with large number of people at the same time.  We have to concentrate more to pick up the non-verbal cues that we pick up easily in person. "Our minds are together but are bodies feel we're not."

This month we have a speaker, Michelle Graham. We will try to keep the business meeting shorter to allow more time for the speaker. Any information that is in the newsletter will not be repeated at the meeting.  BUT if you have a question about anything in the newsletter, don't hesitate to bring it up. 

If you have suggestions on how to further improve the Guild meetings, don't hesitate to email me at (nancy@ridder.ca),  phone (519-482-9558) or contact another executive council member. 

Edna Keown added the rules regarding the etiquette for a Zoom meeting with a speaker:


Everyone other than the meeting host and presenter will be muted during the presentation.

No videotaping is permitted.

There will be no questions during the presentation, but audience members are encouraged to submit questions using the “chat” function.

The presenter will remain online to address all questions after the presentation for whatever time is available.

Program: November speaker is Michelle Graham who lives in Ottawa, ON with her husband, daughter, son and 2 cats. She is a talented bag maker and is currently the Community Manager for Sew Sweetness ─ ‘Sew Sweetness Sewing Patterns’ group on Facebook. Michelle states: I’m a pattern tester, I create hacks and SVG Files, host Sew Alongs and other fun activities for Sew Sweetness. Besides pattern testing for Sara Lawson, the owner of Sew Sweetness, I pattern test bags for Tara Sinclair of UhOh Creations, for Cyndi Farfsing of The Nosy Pepper and I pattern test quilt designs for Andrea Smith of Happy Cloud Creations. I’m also an administrator for Tara Sinclair’s Facebook group, ‘Sewing UhOh Creations Patterns’. 

Michelle will be sharing how she got into sewing bags and what keeps her interest to make more. She will take the mystery out of zippers, interfacings and bag hardware along with tips to help make sewing bags easier. (like her favourites and what she thinks you should purchase when starting). She will share her secrets on what Frankenfoam and Frankenflex to use. Michelle will also be sharing photos of her creations.

Notes from the Oct. 19, 2020 meeting:

Nancy opened the meeting stating she was pleased to see everyone again and looking forward to hearing what members have been up to. Meeting with members personally these days is difficult and most of us are feeling quite isolated. 

She mentioned that Ethel-Mae Seaman had sent an email looking for a pattern and Betty Thomasson informed members that she had sent her two. So hopefully, this request was taken care of. 

Attendance: There were 31 members logged in to take part in this zoom meeting.  That is quite an impressive number, but somehow we’ll have to work on educating the members who are finding this method of communication difficult.  Jane reported the following two new members to join our group. When I have their addresses, etc., I will send out a revised copy of the members list for everyone to have. It will be up to each member to revise their copy whenever a revision is printed in the newsletter.

Tanya Johnston who was able to join in on the zoom meeting today and Carley Forsberg. 

Treasurer’s Report: Sarah Turvolgyi sent out her report via email prior to the meeting and it was accepted as read. 

Program: Monica Mason made a suggestion of doing our own retreat or sewing in the mornings of our meeting days via Zoom. Something to think about.

Library:  Liz Wulf  thanked members for the returned library items. She clarified as mentioned in the Oct. newsletter that the influx of books for the library had been due to the estate of Judy MacMillan whereas they had come from three different estates.

Members thanked Liz for the list of Canadian online shops that was provided in last month’s newsletter.

Show & Tell: Wow!! Did it ever work out well. Good job Edna. Thanks to Edna’s talent, zoom participants were able to experience a great Show & Tell.

Block of the Month: Marian Lane had forwarded the block of the month via email prior to this meeting. It is a 12.5” paper-pieced  WONKY house. 

Outreach: Lisa Niglas contacted Shelly Smith at the Adult Day Centre. Their phone number is 519-524-2228.

Shelly told her that due to the pandemic the centre is limited to 6 clients each day.  Currently they have 21 people enrolled in their program but that is a constantly changing number.  It was suggested that we make 25 placemats.  Shelly thought that would be adequate.  Lisa then suggested that we also include the employees and volunteers as well, A decision was made that this would be doable, therefore the total amount comes to approximately 35. Our stock of placemats are to be handed in to Monica or Anne by Nov. 30th so that Lisa is prepared to deliver them to the Adult Day Centre. A separate email has been sent to members with the address and telephone # of Anne & Monica.

Report from Marie Webster: Many thanks to those who have donated care quilts this past year.  Betty and I accessed the quilts in storage at Lakeshore on Friday. We left 10 quilts at the church available for members to give to people as needed.   Just give Betty a call and she will arrange a time that you can pick up quilts.   We currently have 20 quilts that will be given to Salvation Army, St. Vincent de Paul and the Women’s Shelter for their Christmas outreach.  At this time, each organization will receive 6 or 7 quilts of different sizes.   We could use more quilts for children, teens, and men.

Quilts will be delivered to the 3 organizations in early Nov. since they need to know what is available.  If you have a care quilt at home or a quilt that is looking for a home, make sure you add a care quilt label (Monica has a supply) and paper tag.   Without the paper tag, it’s very difficult to keep track of inventory. Care quilts need to be dropped off at Monica’s house (monica@hurontel.on.ca).  

Marie also read two ‘thank you’ notes that were received from recipients of our care quilts. This acknowledgement gives one a “warm” feeling about the ability and willingness to donate quilts. We know that many quilters are very generous and use their talents to bring a smile to others.


Door Prize: Martha Riesberry was our lucky winner of the door prize this month.

Other: Monica informed members of two online sites that she felt were worth checking out. 1) The Stratford Garment Guild is a group of sewers who meet monthly (started in Sept.) to learn and discuss all things garment sewing with others from Stratford and the surrounding area. With virtual meetings, it is easier to expand their audience. The cost is $15 to join; and 2) A virtual quilt retreat that she took part which was a Canada-wide retreat out of Calgary. There were virtual shop tours, and in the afternoon there was a one-hour lecture on a variety of topics along with lots of chit-chating. She was thrilled to be able to connect with people across the country.   

Did you know that you can run fusible web through your printer?  That's right, if you have an ink-jet printer, you can put an 8 1/2" x 11" sheet of fusible through the printer.  This way you can copy your designs right onto the fusible.  No more tracing!  The trick is to attach the sheet to a regular piece of paper using double- sided tape.  You don't need much, just tack down the corners.  Then, go ahead and print away. DO NOT DO THIS IF YOU HAVE A LASER OR THERMAL PRINTER. YOU'LL GET A GLUEY MESS.